Lady Dimitrescu Actress Makes A Secret Appearance In God Of War Ragnarok

Lady Dimitrescu Actress Makes A Secret Appearance In God Of War Ragnarok
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Joseph Kime


25th Nov 2022 15:49

The cast of God of War Ragnarok is undeniably strong.

With Christopher Judge and Sunny Suljic leading the charge as Kratos and his boy Atreus, the cast is stacked to the nines with the likes of Apex Legends' Ben Prendergast, Jurassic Park: The Lost World's Richard Schiff and even Daredevil's Deborah Ann Woll, the game has made a name for itself as one with some breathtaking voice acting.

And, as it turns out, more legendary video game alumni have snuck into the cast.

Lady Dimutrescu's Voice Actress Returns In God of War Ragnarok

Though God of War Ragnarok might be packed with voice actors galore to fill the boots of its many characters, some end up sticking out more than others - especially when they're actually Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil Village.

Maggie Robertson returns to video games in her first role since Lady Dimitrescu in Ragnarok as mini-boss Skjóthendi the Unerring, and once you know it's her, you can't unhear it.

"DID YOU FIND ME???" Robertson asks on Twitter. "Werk off that turkey coma & come fight me as Skjóthendi the Unerring in God of War: Ragnarok!"

The boss is a tough one, as proven by the many fans in the replies announcing that Robertson's character kicked their ass without them even knowing it was her, and knowing that she's made it into the game is certainly a nice touch.

She's a great character, but as it turns out, there's a different character that even the game's director hates.

Eric Williams Hates Heimdall

God of War Ragnarok's Heimdall is a bit of a douche, and it seems that those behind the game know it, as even the game's director can't help but roast him.

"Yeah, we just wanted him to be the... What do we say? He says in a conversation with IGN. "We wanted him to have the most punchable face."

It's good news that he is punchable after all, then - and that the annoying little bugger is offset by just how great it is to see Maggie Robertson back in the voice-acting saddle.

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