Konami's Silent Hills Has Been Turned Into A Full Game

Konami's Silent Hills Has Been Turned Into A Full Game
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29th Jul 2022 14:48

Despite those continued rumours that someone will resurrect Silent Hill, we've long given up hope of Konami bringing that tormented town back from the dead - well, at least it was in the form of 2014's P.T. (playable teaser). Even if Silent Hills has gone silent, fans refuse to give up on what could've been the franchise's return from the grave. 

Following a run of disappointing titles, Silent Hill bowed out with Downpour in 2012. We'd fallen a long way from the highs of Silent Hill 2, however, Silent Hills was set to be the reboot the series needed. With the talents of Guillermo del Toro and a main character based on The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus, Hideo Kojima was due to chart a new era of Silent Hill. Sadly, it all went wrong. 

What Is The Silent Hills Remake?

Silent Hills fell into uncertain times following the completion of Metal Gear V: The Phantom Pain and Kojima's departure from Konami. The video game auteur went on to set up Kojima Productions, while Konami and Sony eventually pulled the plug on Silent Hills in 2015. Although P.T. hung around for a bit, it was vanished from the PlayStation Store.


Over on Reddit, u/DrJones20 has shown off their updated version of Silent Hills made in Dreams. We've previously seen The Simpsons: Hit and Run being reimagined in Dreams, but arguably, it's nothing compared to this playable Silent Hills game - which extends beyond what P.T. could ever do. DrJones20 first showed off their Silent Hills build in 2019, but three years later, is ready to showcase the improvements they've made in terms of graphical playability. It's clear to see an impressive jump in quality. 

Media Molecule's Dreams has become a hotbed for creativity and allowed Silent Hills to find a new lease of life. Building their own version of P.T. assets and providing fully voiced dialogue scenes, we even get the demo's iconic hallway recreated. Fans loved the build, as one supporter gushed, "Your work and its progress speaks volumes of your talent, discipline and passion, this is something to be very proud of. I hope you see how it inspires other people. Wonderful work." Another cheered, "Wow you captured the tone perfectly! Kudos."


What's Next For Silent Hill?

Silent Hill Reboot
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It's a question that hangs over the video game world like the looming presence of Pyramid Head. Just what's going on with Silent Hill? Even if Silent Hills is buried, there are continued reports that the franchise is due to make a return as several options. Alongside Castlevania and Metal Gear, Konami seems content with letting its IPs languish. Things have got so bad, that someone even bought the Silent Hill domain from under Konami. 

Alongside a recently leaked PS5-exclusive reboot, we've heard a lot about a mythical remake of the lauded Silent Hill 2. Sadly, as we head into the final furlong of 2022, many a gaming showcase has come and gone without so much as a whisper of Silent Hill. For the time being, we're left dusting off our old copies of Silent Hill games or buying Dreams to experience the Silent Hills we'll never get to play. 

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