It might be a while before the next Mass Effect game

It might be a while before the next Mass Effect game
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Megan Cooke


9th Nov 2023 20:37

On its annual N7 Day, which is held on 7 November, BioWare released a new teaser for Mass Effect 4.

However, this doesn’t mean that the game will be coming soon, and reports suggest that it could be 2029 before we finally get our hands on the next Mass Effect game.

Mass Effect 4 was announced on N7

Mass Effect 4 was initially announced in November 2020, however the release of the teaser trailer on 7 November has been the first official new information we have received in a little while.

In a blog post on the day, Mass Effect Franchise Director & Executive Producer, Mike Gamble said: "We’ve asked ourselves many of the same questions you’ve asked us over the years! What happened to everyone you know and love in the games? Who really died? Who had kids with whom? What does a baby volus sound like? What about all the galaxies? The endings! What the heck is going on with our asari scientist-turned-Shadowbroker? What about S— get the idea.

"And of course, to those questions, there are answers, but you’ll have to wait to hear them. And anything we do say won’t be easy to find, just like you’ve come to expect from our #N7Day teases."

True to their word, the trailer was not just given out, as it was shared in several parts throughout the day.

The trailer has since been uploaded in full.

It could be a long time before Mass Effect 4 is released

Known leaker Jeff Grubb said during Giant Bomb’s Game Mess Morning on 8 November that Mass Effect is likely to have a similar production time to Dragon Age: Dreadwolf.

Dreadwolf was initially announced in 2018 and is currently expected to release next year, giving it a six year window between the initial announcement and its eventual release.

During Game Mess Morning, Grubb said: “This game is just nowhere near coming out.

“I was told that when they revealed Dragon Age: Dreadwolf in 2018, this is similar in terms of timeline. That was announced in 2018 and we’re not getting that game until maybe next year.

“So now do the maths for that, and we’re talking 2029 for Mass Effect 5.”

This was backed up by co-host Tamoor Hussain, who said: “I’ve heard some things as well, and this game is so far away. It is so far in another galaxy right now.”

Grubb said that, according to his sources, the teaser was released to reassure fans of the franchise that the game is on its way, rather than to suggest that the game will be coming soon.

If the timeline is supposed to be the same as Dreadwolf, then we can potentially expect a release date of 2029.

Some fans of the franchise have pointed out that Mass Effect 4 was initially teased in November 2020, potentially meaning that the game could be coming in 2026 if this is considered the announcement date.

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