BioWare apologises for dead FemShep Mass Effect statue

BioWare apologises for dead FemShep Mass Effect statue
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Joseph Kime


14th Jun 2023 16:05

It's sad that Mass Effect fans are pretty starved for content at this stage. It looks like merch drops are all we're getting for now - even when they're pretty dreadful. Now, BioWare has walked back its strangest release yet.

We haven't got anything to go off when it comes to Mass Effect 4, and when players turn around to take the series for another spin, the first thing that they see is Mass Effect: Andromeda, a spin-off that was so broken and in so few cohesive pieces that it crashed and burned instantly.

Mass Effect reveals dead Shepard statue

When it comes to the iconic adventures of Commander Shepard, the one that players aren't likely to leap to in their heads is that one time that they died and succumbed to the cold dark void of space - but luckily, BioWare has come through with a statue to commemorate it.

The statue shows the female version of Shepard, known online as FemShep, and is described as depicting "Commander Shepard expelled from a crumbling Normandy and hurtling through space to her untimely demise." Um… okay.

We're not quite sure why exactly BioWare chose to depict this precise moment from the game, as it doesn't exactly reflect the badassery that can come of adventures with Commander Shepard. Fans equally aren't sure either. So much so, that the ruckus has forced a statement from BioWare.

BioWare responds to dead Shepard statue backlash

It looks like the Mass Effect team felt the air change, as it addressed the bizarre statue on Twitter, defending it as part of a series that we're yet to see the end of. Regardless, BioWare has decided to pause sales of the statue.

It's a strange situation for BioWare to find itself in. Depicting the beloved FemShep's corpse is an odd one, but let's be honest, fans were probably going to buy it anyway. Mass Effect fans truly have nothing right now.

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