Mass Effect 4 gets disappointing release update from BioWare

Mass Effect 4 gets disappointing release update from BioWare
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Joseph Kime


28th Mar 2023 14:13

The future of Mass Effect has been in murky water for a little while now. BioWare's universe has always been packed with heaps of potential, with the opportunity for incredible stories to be told in it, but ever since Captain Shepherd's story came to a close, we haven't seen it.

Mass Effect: Andromeda was such a catastrophe in execution that the franchise ground to a halt, meaning the Mass Effect name has sat dormant and waiting for a return to form. 

Mass Effect 4 release date
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With all this talk about Herny Cavill starring in a potential live-action Mass Effect series or movie and four games already under the series' belt (as well as remasters), it's easy to forget BioWare is set on continuing the series in the medium it was born. 

We know another entry in the franchise is coming, and though it's likely not a story that follows Shepherd (despite fans excitedly dubbing the unnamed game Mass Effect 4 anyway), there's a chance it could pull the series back from the brink. That is, if it can actually release.

Mass Effect's return could be massively delayed

Mass Effect 4 teaser
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A brand-new update from the inner workings of BioWare has been revealed, and it doesn't make for good news when it comes to the Mass Effect series.

The latest update has been relayed by Games Beat, suggesting the Mass Effect team is being brought over into the development of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf - the company's biggest game in construction.

It means there are at least more hands on deck when it comes to Dragon Age, but it's far from good news for the progress of the upcoming Mass Effect game and its potential sequels.

Mass Effect Helmet
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There is a small skeleton crew still putting the work in on the franchise, as not everyone from the team has been moved. For now, the focus of BioWare is far and away being pumped into Dragon Age, leaving Mass Effect with little to do apart from pre-production. 

BioWare general manager: 'we're proud to have this team'

In the statement that announced the new change issued to Games Beat, BioWare's general manager Gary McKay has insisted on how proud he is of his team.

"Our studio is focused on creating the best Dragon Age: Dreadwolf while the core Mass Effect team continues their pre-production work," says McKay. "We continue to iterate and polish Dreadwolf, focusing on the things that matter most to our fans.

Mass Effect 4 release date
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"As we further connect this new experience with the series' legacy Mark Darrah will join the team as a consultant, bringing with him years of experience working on Dragon Age. We're proud to have this team, with strong leadership at the helm, working together to realize the vision we have for the game."

Who knows what the team have been up to if Mass Effect 4 is still in pre-production after being announced in 2020, but it looks like we'll be waiting even longer still.

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