Mass Effect 4 players don’t want Commander Shepard to return

Mass Effect 4 players don’t want Commander Shepard to return
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Joseph Kime


31st May 2023 17:20

The Mass Effect series hasn't exactly been left on a high note. The Legendary Edition of the three most iconic games in the series was a roaring success, but its last original title, Andromeda, was a cataclysmic next entry.

Bugs, glitches and atrocious facial animations made Andromeda a devastating way to leave proceedings, and since, Mass Effect has been pretty quiet. As the series prepares to make its comeback, players are discussing what they'd like to see. But more specifically, who they don't want to see.

Should Commander Shepard return in Mass Effect?

Mass Effect players can't quite seem to make their minds up about if Commander Shepard - the protagonist of the first three titles - should make a return during the events of the upcoming game.

The single poster that we have indicating the return of the franchise contains some pretty minute characters, with one corpse looking to be a Geth, possibly even Legion.

This has led to further speculation that more characters will return to the series, including the protagonist of the first three games. But, not everyone is convinced that this would work.

Fans discuss Shepard's return to Mass Effect

Mass Effect 4 players don’t want Commander Shepard to return
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Taking to ResetEra, players have rallied behind each camp, positing their reasoning for Commander Shepard returning, whether it should be FemShep, or the character keeps their place in the grave.

"I really hope not," says one user. "The series needs to move past Shepard. Let me craft a new experience with a new hero and get to know and care about them and their crew just as much as everyone from The Normandy."

"They will return," says another. "The teaser already made that clear. In what capacity it remains to be seen. I'm indifferent. I really don't expect anything from the new Mass Effect." A third added, "Nah overly nostalgic reboots are miserable."

Not everyone was completely against the idea, though. One neutral gamer said, "I don't care if they do or don't, as long as it's written well. I just want to go back to that world." A Shep supporter ultimately concluded, "Absofu****glutely."

Regardless of whether Commander Shepard returns, Mass Effect has a lot of work to do to come back from the nightmare that was Andromeda. Let's focus on that first and foremost before we worry about who we might be playing as. 

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