Elden Ring Demake Shows What It Would've Been Like On PS1

Elden Ring Demake Shows What It Would've Been Like On PS1
YouTube Hoolopee | FromSoftware

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Tom Chapman


4th Mar 2022 09:45

As we boot up our new-gen consoles and put on our best armour for another gruelling Souls-like adventure, FromSoftware's Elden Ring is one of the best-looking games you'll ever see. That's largely thanks to gaming advances in 2022, but just imagine a world where you'd be able to put your disk in the old PlayStation One and play Elden Ring in the '90s. Well, why not try the Elden Ring demake?

While FromSoftware games have always shown off the best of its imagination thanks to the tortured realms of Dark Souls' Lordran and Bloodborne's Yharnam, there's something different in Elden Ring. It's more than just giving us a fully open-world game to explore the Lands Between, it feels more alive than anything we've seen before... even in pixelated form.

What Is The Elden Ring Demake?

It was only a matter of time before some took our shiny Elden Ring and turned it into a piece of '90s nostalgia. Coming home from school to binge a marathon of The SimpsonsRobot Wars, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, all as you tucked into a nutritious dinner of Turkey Twizzlers and Potato Smileys - it was a simpler time. Now, YouTuber Hoolopee has imagined a PS1 Elden Ring

All the usual suspects are here in PS1 form, with Melenia the Severed and Pot Friend all getting their time to shine. It's all very brooding, and while it's a blocky mess compared to today's standard, it has us thinking what Elden Ring would've been like as a rival to Resident Evil in 1966.

Back in the day, FromSoftware games were known for their PlayStation exclusivity, and although everyone can thankfully enjoy Elden Ring, a PS1 version would've undoubtedly been locked to Sony's home console. We'll be honest, the Elden Ring demake doesn't look too bad - cue fans joking about it running better than the 2022 PC version

Are There Other Modern Demakes?

The internet is flooded with demakes, and Hoolopee seems to be an expert in the field. Alongside Hoolopee's Death Stranding demake, our personal favourite was when you got Lady Dimitrescu's blocky "mommy milkers" in his Resident Evil Village demake. Ironically, this isn't the first FromSoft demake out there, with us recently covering the much-hyped Bloodborne demake.


Elden Ring makes Bloodborne look like it's running on a potato by today's standards, but still, someone went and painstakingly demade it as an OG PlayStation game. We seem to love this kind of retro gaming, and in just 24 hours, the Bloodborne demake had over 100,000 downloads. Sadly, the Elden Ring demake is just a little fun to show what we're missing out on. Still, we vote that the Bloodborne PSX demake team gets cracking on one for Elden Ring


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