Hades 2 players are reminding you to pet the frog

Hades 2 players are reminding you to pet the frog
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Tom Chapman


8th May 2024 14:35

How do you follow up on what many consider to be the best game of 2020? When it comes to Supergiant Games' Hades 2, it seems that bigger really is better, expanding on the original with an even more colourful cast of gods and monsters. 

Helping bring the roguelike formula to the mainstream, the OG Hades kept us going back for more as we trapped Zagreus in a neverending loop of hacking and slashing. While Zag has stepped aside to let his little sister, Melinoë, step up to the plate, there's plenty that's familiar here.

Yes, you can pet the frog in Hades 2

While Hades 2 has only just opened its Early Access, it's already being heralded as a worthy successor to the first outing. As we get to grips with newcomers like Hecate, Moros, and Nemesis, there's an unexpected fan-favourite who you're all ribbited (sorry, riveted) by. Make way for Frinos. 

Popular X (formerly  Twitter) account @CanYouPettheDog reminds you that you can pet the frog in Hades 2. Found in the sanctuary of the Crossroads, Melinoë can confide in Frinos and unlock additional dialogue by petting him. On Reddit, players are saying it's important to pet Frinos on every run - giving you good luck.

One player cheered, "I would risk my life for him," while another joked, "I die a lot just to keep visiting my amphibious homie....def not cause I'm bad at game...

A third concluded, "If you don't pet the frog, you ain't welcome at the Crossroads. He's such a cutie. I love the animation that is Mel just nuzzling up to Frinos. There's even a kiss sound sometimes, she loves the big frog friend so much."

Move over Cerberus

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Petting this slimy sidekick isn't his only benefit, and later, you can unlock the "Faith of Familiar Spirits" incantation. This lets Melinoë use Witch's Delight to recruit animal familiars, and although she'll lose a tool, she'll be able to take familiars like Frinos into battle. Admittedly, it's currently just Frino and Toula the cat, but we expect the roster to grow. 

In the original Hades, players were overjoyed that you weren't only encouraged to pet the dog, but you actually unlocked a trophy for doing it. Like we can't help but find Frinos adorable, the same could be said for the snarling Cerberus in the first game. As he got his own plushie, how long until Frinos gets the same treatment?

It seems that Hades 2 is just as packed with secrets and Easter eggs as its bigger brother, and while we've discovered that you can pet the frog and found a surprising Hollywood star in the voice cast, it's clear we've only just started exploring this vast realm of mythological madness. 

Tom Chapman
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