Only one GTA 6 map screenshot survives Rockstar copyright nuke

Only one GTA 6 map screenshot survives Rockstar copyright nuke
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Tom Chapman


13th Sep 2023 11:38

The Grand Theft Auto leakers are fast, but Take-Two Interactive's DMCA takedowns are quicker. Part of the problem of Rockstar Games' drip-feeding approach to GTA 6 updates means a ravenous crop of gamers have made it their mission to leak anything and everything they can get their hands on.

We imagine this tenacious attitude is what led to the deluge of leaks that rocked the developer in September 2022. It inadvetedly led to Take-Two speaking out on the leaks and the progress of the game, pretty much confirming what was contained inside was the real deal.

GTA 6 map leak survives copyright purge

Now, one leaker has been struck by a massive copyright claim for showing off the GTA 6 map. There's not much they can do, but weirdly, it seems a single screenshot of the GTA 6 map has slipped under the Rockstar radar - giving us a peek at what could be this modernised version of Vice City.

The footage comes from the car crash demo that was leaked last year, but as eagle-eyed snoopers head back to examine every pixel, they're finding more interesting tidbits. In the image, we see an industrial area, with skyscrapers and even greenery in the distance.

Assuming this is only a tiny portion of the GTA 6 map, our minds will likely be blown by how big the finished product is. The good news that with Rockstar issuing a takedown on most of this leak, it suggests it's the real deal. Either way, it's handy for those trying to piece together the GTA 6 map through leaks.

Watch out for GTA 6 leaks

Of course, for every legitimate leak we might uncover, there are thousands of fakes. The most prevalent one that came out recently is a whopping install size of 750GB and will boast over 400 hours of content, which has us chuckling. Given that the PS5 only has 667GB, we somehow don't think that one's legit.

Recently, we also covered how there are whispers that GTA 6 will boast a $150 price tag. Again, we're not buying that - especially as it would be double what the current price of new-gen games are. While GTA 6 plots like Lucia and multiple time periods look more likely than the day, be careful out there in the lawless land of leaks.

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