GTA 6 trailer could be hiding a problematic first-person mode

GTA 6 trailer could be hiding a problematic first-person mode
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5th Dec 2023 13:13

You've got to hand it to Rockstar Games, it sure knows how to unveil a video game. While we all marked December 5 in our calendars for our first look at GTA 6, the fact the trailer leaked early forced Rockstar's hand and made it release the whole thing ahead of time.

With alligator attacks, mud wrestling, and the mystery of what happened to Rudi, there's plenty to unpack. Thankfully, time is on our time, with GTA 6 confirmed for a 2025 launch. Players are already examining every frame in minute detail, but has Rockstar hidden GTA 6's problematic first-person mode in plain sight?

GTA 6 trailer could be hiding a problematic first-person mode

GTA 6 triailer bodycam footage
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We love getting up close and personal with our video games, and whether it's putting enemies in your crosshairs in Call of Duty or setting your pulses racing with Resident Evil Village in VR, we love viewing the action through the eyes of playable characters.

While GTA V had a first-person mode, it was only available in the enhanced version that launched on PS4 and Xbox One in 2014. The numerous modern re-releases also have the feature, but for many, we play GTA from the classic third-person perspective.

You'd expect GTA 6 to give us a choice, and with the title pushing to be more realistic than ever (although we haven't seen any actual gameplay), first-person could be one hell of a good-looking game. The problem is, given current climates, a first-person mode could be pretty problematic depending on who we're playing as.

The GTA 6 trailer didn't give us any actual gameplay, however, fans were drawn to the moment we saw a police raid. Here, it looks like we get bodycam footage that is reminiscent of that controversial game called Unrecord. With some questioning how GTA will handle its police in the aftermath of the George Floyd incident, it's sparked the debate of what first-person GTA 6 will be like.

GTA 6 fans aren't sure about first-person



Although it's hard to judge, the realism of GTA 6 could push it to be one of the most advanced video games of all time. With that in mind, some are worried it'll be too realistic. Also, if there's a fully first-person GTA 6, will we get the inevitable VR port?

Proving that some GTA players only think with one part of their anatomy, one person's first question was, "You think you gon be able to f**k the prostitutes in first person on GTA 6?" Another added, "I feel like gta 6 in first person going to be crazy."

A third joked about Cyberpunk and added, "I think GTA 6 would be really good if it was first person, set in a futuristic dystopian world, and had Keanu Reeves." A fourth concluded, "They've tried to repeat bodycam-shooter Unrecord."

Remembering Rockstar bought (the team behind RP servers like FiveM), GTA 6 will likely be more like a community game. This was also backed up by the various social media teases sprinkled throughout. Suiting up members of the VCPD and kicking down doors in first-person is sure to cause a stir, but what's Rockstar without a bit of controversy?

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