God Of War Ragnarok Has Released Early

God Of War Ragnarok Has Released Early
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31st Oct 2022 12:30

"Boy" Cory Barlog is angrier than Kratos in a fight with Zeus. If you don't want the God of War Ragnarok ending spoiled, you should probably stay off the internet. The upcoming Norse sequel has released early due to a retailer error. 

With this being the last game in the Norse saga, we know there won't be a trilogy. The finality of the game has a lot of people guessing whether Kratos will die or whether this really is the end of the road, meaning its ending is a closely guarded secret. Well, that's depending where you ordered God of War Ragnarok

How Has God Of War Ragnarok Released Early?

An enraged Cory Barlog has posted on Twitter, slamming an unnamed retailer for shipping copies of the game early. You might remember when it looked like someone from the press was accidentally sharing their gameplay, but this is much worse.

Posting online, Barlog said he's shaking his head that a US retailer has shipped copies of Ragnarok before its general release on November 9. Writing to players, Barlog said, "A retailer selling the game nearly TWO WEEKS before release. Just so disappointing." It's believed a Target store in the US has been sending out Ragnarok early, and in typical fashion, the spoilers are out there.

In the replies, Barlog added, "Sorry to everyone that you have to dodge the spoilers if you want to play the game fresh...completely f*****g stupid you have to do this." He also championed the idea of having an installer that will let you download the game but not release its content until its actual release date.


Is This The End For God Of War?

Leaks or no leaks, let's not pretend God of War Ragnarok isn't going to soar to the top of the charts. 2018's game became the best-selling PS4 game of all time and is frequently cited as one of the best games ever. Unless Ragnarok completely drops the ball, it's likely to do the same (if not better). Still, is anyone really buying this is the end of the road?

Until the credits roll on Ragnarok, it's hard to predict where things will go next. There have already been calls for the franchise to return to Ancient Greece, but more likely, we'll head into a new mythology with potentially Atreus as its lead. That's all just some wishful thinking, and let's not detract from Ragnarok's release. If you know where to look on YouTube, there's already footage everywhere. Good luck keeping things under wraps until November 9. Sigh. 

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