God Of War Ragnarok Demake Is A Nightmarish PS1 Game

God Of War Ragnarok Demake Is A Nightmarish PS1 Game
Images via Sony | YouTube Jackarte

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Tom Chapman


16th Nov 2022 11:29

In 2022, you'll be hard-pushed to find a game that's bigger or better than God of War Ragnarok. Following 2018's God of War, Sony Santa Monica has largely lived up to expectations and raised the bar.

God of War Ragnarok is the talk of the town, as we return to the Nine Realms and dust off our Leviathan Axe. As well as trying to melt your PS4, Ragnarok is heralded as a truly new-gen game, but what if it wasn't?

Demakes are all the rage these days, and while we've previously seen the likes of Resident Evil Village and Bloodborne get the pixelated treatment, it's now God of War Ragnarok's turn.

What Is The God Of War Ragnarok Demake?

YouTube user Jackarte has uploaded this PS1-era God of War Ragnarok, which takes all the 60fps glory of the actual game and runs it through a shredder. Looking like Lara Croft and her triangle breasts or the flattened faces of GoldenEye 007, it's got the sweet scent of nostalgia.

Back in the '90s, the PS1 reigned supreme with games like Crash BandicootTomb Raider, and (obviously) Resident EvilGod of War didn't come along until 2005, but comparing the OG's graphics to Ragnarok, you can see how far we've come.

We see a vengeful Freya, Atreus shooting an arrow into the Sun, and Kratos fist-bumping Tyr in all this polygonal beauty. Sadly, the God of War Ragnarok demake is just a bit of fun and isn't available for download.

Everyone Loves The God Of War Ragnarok Demake

Praising the God of War Ragnarok demake, one fan cheered, "This would've blown my mind in 1999." Another added, "Just imagine we all used to be hype for graphics like that."

A third said, "This would’ve been the best ps1 game ever." It's not quite perfect, though, as critics pointed out it needs the signature animation jitter that defined the PS1 back in the day. 

Demakes are everywhere, and only recently, we showed you a Resident Evil 6 demake. Even if they aren't playable, at least they remind us how far the industry has come in terms of graphics and gameplay.

The actual Ragnarok is up for Game of the Year and Best Game Direction at the Game Awards, but we wonder if it would've been the same back when the PS1 was king of the pixelated castle.

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