Resident Evil 6 Demake Turns The Divisive Game Around

Resident Evil 6 Demake Turns The Divisive Game Around
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9th Nov 2022 16:07

Let's be honest, Capcom isn't going to be winning any awards with Resident Evil 6. While the 2012 shooter actually did win an award for Best Sound Editing, it's doubtful it's many people's favourite entry in the shuffling series. All of that could be about to change with the Resident Evil 6 demake.

Following highs like Resident Evil 4, things started to go off the boil for Resident Evil with the lunacy of punching a boulder in Resident Evil 5. Still, many think RE6 is where it really fell apart - prioritising movie-styled cinematics over actual gameplay. The QTEs, oh so many QTEs. Thankfully, the Resident Evil 6 demake turns all that around.

What Is The Resident Evil 6 Demake?

Skilled YouTuber Rustic Games BR, shared an impressive PS1-era demake for Resident Evil 6. The short clip recreated the early scene where series favourites Leon S. Kennedy and Helena Harper fight their way through the Tall Oak University campus.

We've ditched the original over-the-shoulder camera for a fixed version and also added the classic tank controls. It's a pixelated adventure that could technically be any shooter from the '90s, BUT, it's got that Resiverse flare. At least dispatching zombies is easier because you've got a bigger hitbox to blast those brain-hungry munchers.

There's definitely a vibe of Capcom's 1996 original, and although we're not touring the Spencer Mansion, there's a whiff of nostalgia from the good 'ol days before we were exploring a submarine as Ada Wong. Then again, we'd love to see Ada's campaign revamped for the Resident Evil 6 demake. With so many sprawling storylines to cover, it would be a labour of love to complete a full demake, so we don't imagine it'll happen.

Fans React To Resident Evil 6 Demake

We weren't alone in loving the Resident Evil 6 demake. One supporter wrote, "Wow, you really recreated the essence of classic RE. Very impressive!" Another cheered, "RE6 is the only main game I haven't finished and believe me I did try so many times, I would more than gladly play it like this," while a third simply said, "Like it more than actual RE6." 

If you head over to Rustic Games BR, you can see a whole host of work. As well as a reimagined version of Resident Evil 4 as a Souls-like, there's a PS1 demake of the equally divisive Resident Evil 5. Unfortunately, none of the above are mods, meaning they won't be released to the masses. Then again, remembering someone made the Bloodborne demake into a reality, we wouldn't bury this idea just yet.

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