Game Pass Saved You A Tonne Of Money In 2021

Game Pass Saved You A Tonne Of Money In 2021
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Joseph Kime


22nd Dec 2021 11:11

It's almost redundant to say at this point - as everyone in the gaming space knows it - but in case it passed you by - Xbox's Game Pass is a bit of a good deal.

Microsoft's foray into the world of gaming streaming has paid off massively. It offers players a wealth of games for a bulk fee, as well as the chance to play those very same games across Xbox consoles, PC, and mobile.

Plus, with the Game Pass' day one launches like Halo Infinite and Back 4 Blood, it has become a no-brainer for Xbox users, especially those who have already upgraded to the Xbox Series S - which might as well be a Game Pass box.

It turns out, though, that if you've been a subscriber this year, the service has saved you a lot of money.

Game Pass Savings Stats Are Insane

Game Pass Saved You A Tonne Of Money In 2021
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Turtle Rock Studios

A new report has concluded that the Xbox Game Pass added games that amassed an accumulative value of $6,300 this year. Crikey.

The info comes from The Loadout, which has done all the maths to arrive at the conclusion that if you were a Game Pass subscriber this year, the service saved you a whopping £4,780 on games.

Even if you didn't play every game on the service this year (you'll be forgiven, there's loads of them), the service has saved people a lot of money - even if you were only subscribing to play a month of Halo. But that's not all the report discovered.


March Was Game Pass' Most Expensive Month

In terms of sheer savings, it turns out that March 2021 was the best month this year for savings if you had Game Pass. It was then that a huge slew of Bethesda titles came to the pass, with a whopping $604 saved with the company's additions alone, making the full month worth $964. 

It's an impressive detail that proves the amazing deals you can get with Game Pass. It's going to take a lot of work for PlayStation to truly compete with their upcoming changes to PlayStation Now, but we're interested to see how they tackle it. Until then, we'll be rinsing Halo.


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