Xbox Game Pass ‘Could Soon Be Coming To Nintendo Switch’

Xbox Game Pass ‘Could Soon Be Coming To Nintendo Switch’

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Katey Roberts


26th May 2021 11:27

Microsoft has had immense success with its Xbox Game Pass, and Nintendo Switch is arguably the most-sold console of the current times, so wouldn't it make logical sense for the two gaming giants to join forces and bring their two best assets into one joint venture? Rumours suggest that both Microsoft and Nintendo appear to think so.

After all, Game Pass isn't an entirely exclusive concept due to its availability on PC, and information from the Epic Games vs Apple court case has indicated that while there doesn't seem to be any concrete plans for the two to merge together anytime soon, thanks to the close nature of Microsoft and Nintendo, it's likely to become a reality some point in the future. 

For those of you who may not be fully aware of Xbox Game Pass, it's a Netflix-esque subscription where you have access to 100s of great gaming titles, all for a monthly subscription fee. Games include Xbox exclusives such as the Fable trilogy, Forza, PUBG, Halo, Plants vs Zombies, and a whole host more.

Why would Xbox Game Pass go on Nintendo Switch?

Microsoft had previously tried to get their xCloud service set up on iOS, but unfortunately came into trouble with their notoriously difficult App Store requirements, with Apple stating that each individual game must be uploaded seperately via the App Store (rendering their existing Game Pass service essentially pointless). As a way of wanting to push the xCloud service further, Microsoft revealed in the statements that were shared during the court case that they had been in separate talks with Nintendo due to the lack of access from Apple and iOS to see if their service would work well on a Nintendo system instead.

Is Xbox Game Pass Coming To Nintendo Switch

At this moment in time, no - but to hear that the conversations have taken place between Microsoft and Nintendo is a positive sign, especially when the rumours haven't been shot down by either camp just yet. Question is, what games would you like to see come to the Nintendo Switch if they were to collaborate, and would it translate just as well on the console? 


Images via Nintendo / Microsoft

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