A new Fortnitemares 2020 leak hints that the controversial Zombie Husks could return for this year's Halloween spectacular.

12:02, 20 Oct 2020

Something sinister could be crawling out of the grave as the latest Fortnite leaks suggest Zombie Husks could be returning as part of Fortnitemares 2020. The annual spooky showdown is just a matter of days away as Epic Games celebrates all things from beyond the grave.

Although we're in the midst of the Marvel-themed Chapter 2 Season 4, that hasn't stopped developers rolling out their usual slaughter smorgasbord of Halloween content.

Fortnitemares first hit Fortnite's Save the World Mode in 2018 before it rolled over to the main battle royale arena and has become a mainstay of Epic's billion-dollar title. Zombie Husks were a controversial addition when they made their 2018 debut, which meant they were tweaked for last year's Fortnitemares. When it comes to 2020, it looks like we're going back to OG Zombie Husks - albeit with a modernised twist.


For those who need a refresher, Zombie Husks originally spawned from giant cubes across the map and would charge at players in swarms. It was all very Call of Duty: Zombies, and unless you were your very own Rick Grimes tooled up for the apocalypse, you could soon find yourself in an early grave. With complaints about how challenging Zombie Husks were, they returned on their own (rather than in hordes) for random spawns while looting in 2019.


According to trusted Fortnite dataminer Mang0e, Zombie Husk swarms could be back in action and tearing players to pieces in Fortnitemares 2020. The intel comes from the fact the sound of the spawn cubes has been found in the 14.30 update patch.

Mang0e noted that the sound has been updated, suggesting there will at least be something a little different about Zombie Husks this time around. Whether we're back to overwhelming swarms or the jump-scare single kind remains to be seen. Either way, the Fortnitemares 2020 Zombie Husks are sure to be as divisive as ever.

What is coming to Fortnitemares?

Alongside the tease of Zombie Husks, other wild rumours suggest major Marvel additions including Black Panther and Venom will be arriving around Fortnitemares. Considering Blade is particularly Halloween-themed, we're not sure why the vampire-hybrid was dropped a few weeks earlier, but there we go. Elsewhere, expect the map to get its usual spooky makeover with cobwebs and pumpkins galore set to dress windows.

We've already got a glimpse of the skin bundles on offer, with Fortnitemares boasting the likes of the Crypt Crashers Pack Crash and Fanged Fashion Pack. Finally, there are hints that brooms could become a new mode of transport for all you budding witches out there.

Fortnite Zombies

When is Fortnitemares 2020 releasing?

With just over a week to go until All Hallows Eve, there's still no confirmed release date for Fortnitemares 2020. As Epic moves from its weekly updates to every two weeks, a logical release date for Fortnitemares would be 14 days after the October 13 drop, meaning we should circle October 27 in our gaming diaries. This gives players just enough time to get to grips with the horrors of Fortnitemares before Halloween.


While Season 4 might be slowly crawling toward the grave, rest assured there's still plenty of bite in Fortnitemares 2020.


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Images via Epic Games

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