As the grind of the Marvel-themed Fortnite Season 4 goes on, players have had enough to trying to reach the top tiers of the Battle Pass.

11:49, 19 Oct 2020

While we all used to "marvel" in the glory of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4, it looks like players have had enough of diving off the battle bus as their favourite Marvel heroes and villains.

When Season 4 launched on August 27, there was plenty of hype that Epic Games was rolling out the comic book carpet in what was dubbed its biggest crossover to date. As well as launching with eight original skins, developers have slowly fed in the likes of new locales, new Mythic Abilities, and new skins including Blade.

Most recently, Epic announced the "Marvel Knockout Super Series" with Daredevil and three more spandex-clad superstars, while elsewhere, Galactus is heading toward the map for what is tipped to be Fortnite's very own Avengers: Endgame. Still, that hasn't taken away from the massive grind to get to the top of the Battle Pass, and with just weeks to go, fans are giving up.


Grind to 220 is rough from r/FortNiteBR

Does Season 4 have too much grind?

It was all going so well for Fortnite, but eight weeks into a 10-week cycle and it appears even a slew of updates can't lure disgruntled players back to Battle Pass. Epic definitely delivered on providing a supersized Battle Pass this season, with a whopping 220 tiers to get through before you can claim you're the game's very own Stan Lee. Unfortunately, this sheer grind of this Thanos-sized challenge hasn't gone unnoticed. Posting on Reddit, u/Jester0745 lamented, "I just hit 145 and may call it quits at 180. It’s getting tiresome playing strictly to get punches done". 

Once you hit Tier 100, variant styles unlock every five levels, meaning you can try an outfit change with silver, gold, and even rainbow outfits for those famous Marvel faces. If Season 4 is due to end on (or around) November 22, that means players will have to level up 2.5 times a day to hit the top tier. 

Has Fortnite become pay-to-complete?

The main gripe here is that Epic is pushing Fortnite's fanbase to part with its hard-earned cash. As Redditor u/BakedandBreaded explained, "If you start at 1 it’s a grind and a half, if you start at 25 it’s a grind, if you start at 100 it’s like 3/4 of a grind. I’m British though so we measure grinds in metric units". Those who want to get a leg up could pay $80 to head straight to Tier 100, but is it really worth it?


Aside from the general grind, others have been trying to get around it and earn XP by leaving their avatar idle in Creative Mode. You earn XP for every 15 minutes spent in Creative Mode, and as long as you reset every hour or so, you can rack up some much-needed points. It's not exactly fair and also requires effort to pull off.


For those who need to conquer the Battle Pass, the grind goes on. It's a frustrating turn of events considering the controversy surrounding play-to-win games, but that being said, we're still expecting an "epic" swansong for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4.



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