Fortnite Confirms Massive Zero Crisis Finale Event To Start Chapter 2 Season 6

Fortnite Confirms Massive Zero Crisis Finale Event To Start Chapter 2 Season 6

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Tom Chapman


9th Mar 2021 16:59

It's the end of an era for Fortnite, as Epic Games confirms a huge start of season event for Chapter 2 Season 6. In the aftermath of the Marvel-themed Chapter 2 Season 4 - where Galactus tore open the Zero Point - players have been wondering how this will translate into the bigger picture. Now, the saga continues as Agent Jonesy jumps into action for the Fortnite Zero Crisis Finale event, that will directly open Chapter 2 Season 6.

The official Fortnite site confirmed what's on the way, with the Zero Crisis Finale Event being a single-player experience that will bring the current storyline to a close on March 15 and usher in a new era on March 16. The start of Season 6 will let you play through the "conclusion of Agent Jones’ mission" -  which sounds like an ominous tease.


What is the Fortnite Zero Crisis Finale event?

Jonesy is the one who has been recruiting hunters all season and tried to stop various characters from escaping the Loop. You'll apparently be able to play the Zero Crisis Finale the first time you log in for Season 6, so it means you don't need to mark a specific time in your diary. That being said, Epic is letting us watch with a live global premiere, which is dubbed, "Our most ambitious story cinematic yet". Consdering last season's Galactus Live Event broke the concurrent player record, we can't wait to see what the team has planned.

Ahead of the Zero Crisis Finale, you're encouraged to spend your Gold Bars. While we've enjoyed buying Exotic Weapons and hiring the likes of Mancake and Fishtick, Gold Bars will reset with Season 6. To encourage you to part with your cash, Epic confirmed Exotic Weapons are currently at a discounted rate across the map, so get hunting! 

Finally, you only have a matter of days to climb up the ranks of the Battle Pass and finish your Mandalorian-themed Beskar Quests. There's a last chance to nab the Breathless Blades Pickaxe by finishing Fishtick or Lovely's Epic Quests. It's also a great time to polish off a few more levels in an attempt to unlock Sapphire skins for Reese, Mancake, Mave, Kondor, and Menace. All in all, it sounds like Chapter 2 Season 5 is bowing out in style and wasting no time in blowing the doors off the action in Season 6.


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