Is Fortnite Finally Getting Rid Of V-Bucks?

Is Fortnite Finally Getting Rid Of V-Bucks?

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Tom Chapman


29th Oct 2020 11:55

It sounds like the dollar make ya holler as Epic Games could be introducing a brand new currency to Fortnite. While we're used to splashing the cash with V-Bucks, the latest leaks hit that something known as a "Wad" could soon find a place in the battle royale behemoth.

As the Marvel-themed Chapter 2 Season 4 comes to a close and we head into a winter wonderland with the presumably Christmas-themed Season 5, there are questions about what's coming next.

We've only just seen the return of Arena Duos, and it looks like Epic isn't finished with alleviating criticisms that Fortnite is a "dead game". The way you spend money in Fornite is far from perfect; however, it has helped this once tiny title grow into a billion-dollar game that still rakes in the big bucks every month. Even if the tried-and-tested V-Bucks system continues to work, there are hints that Wads could also be on the way.

What is a Fortnite Wad?

The scoop comes from trusted dataminer HYPEX (with some help from @Not0fficer), who explained what a Wad is and where you can find it. They explained Wads will come in different sizes and spawn in both loot stashes and safes. Unsurprisingly, the biggest Wad (500) can be found in safes.

More than being an in-game currency, Wads seem to be an in-match currency that can be spent while you're in the middle of trying to be last player standing. Whether it's buying medical supplies, better weapons, or ammo, a new currency could seriously change how the competitive Fortnite field works. 

We don't know how Wads would work yet, but the infrastructure for parting with cash mid-match has already featured in Fortnite thanks to Vending Machines. Vending Machines were originally introduced as a way to purchase items using materials and proved to be a divisive addition. They were put back into Fortnite last year, however, this time they were free. Can Epic redeem the mechanic with Wads, or is it destined to just annoy players further? 


What about V-Bucks?

Fortnite V-Bucks
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Adding a secondary currency actually makes a lot of sense. V-Bucks are used to purchase cosmetics and the Battle Pass, while Wads could give a much-needed boost in a match. There have been speculative rumours that Epic would add something similar to Call of Duty: Warzone's Buy Stations for a while, and although nothing has come from a legit source, maybe Epic moles have been listening to what fans want?

It's entirely possible that Wads will only be found for free in the middle of a match, but if not, it's also a lucrative way to get more gamers to part with their real-world cash. V-Buck are still a popular stream of revenue, so imagine effectively doubling this with the addition of Wads. Of course, there then comes the problem that Fortnite will fall firmly into the "pay-to-win" category. 

These developments come in the midst of Epic's brutal legal battle with Apple. Both sides went to war when Epic tried to circumnavigate Apple's cut of in-game purchases. With everything having to go through the App Store, Apple took a 30% share, and Epic decided it'd had enough. This led to the introduction of an Epic Direct payment system, Apple slapping the developer with a warning, and then eventually pulling from the App Store.

Although things have quietened down and there's still a Fortnite-shaped canyon in the App Store charts, the court case is still bubbling away under the surface. It's interesting that Epic would introduce another currency in this troubled time, suggesting it could have something to do with the Apple drama. As Season 4 comes to an end, we'll keep our eyes firmly on Season 5 and see whether our wallets are about to be filled with Wads and we're "on the money" with this one.


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