Forgotten Fallout 4 Horror Expansion Returns As Pilgrim Remastered

Forgotten Fallout 4 Horror Expansion Returns As Pilgrim Remastered
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Tom Chapman


7th Nov 2022 16:35

Even seven years after the credits rolled on the Wasteland, there are still plenty of reasons to head back to Fallout 4. Bethesda's nuclear nightmare was big enough on its own, but alongside official expansions, the modding community has kept this barren world oddly alive. Now, one of its best is back.

When it comes to modding Fallout 4 a lot of you will likely think of the upcoming Fallout: London mod that we've been talking about a lot here. If you go a bit further back into the history of Vault-Tec, you might remember the horror-inspired Fallout Pilgrim. If you thought the games were scary enough on their own, that's nothing compared to this cocktail of Fallout and The Blair Witch Project

What Is Fallout Pilgrim?

First released in 2017, Pilgrim: Dread the Commonwealth unveiled a whole new Wasteland that (somehow) made the apocalypse even grimmer. Choking the game with a thick fog and overhauling its lighting, Pilgrim turned the sometimes scary Fallout world into a full-blown survival horror. Sadly, Pilgrim wasn't long for this world and eventually vanished from NexusMods. 

All good things come to those who wait, and now, Fallout Pilgrim Remastered unveils an even more dystopian version of the mod. No one really knows what happened to the OG Pilgrim, but reports of a disagreement between its creators mean you could only find the mod when trawling the depths of the internet. As spotted by PCGamesNFallout Pilgrim Remastered is back and gloomier than ever.

On Nexus ModsPilgrim is described as the "original horror atmosphere overhaul for Fallout 4." New changes include retouching and colour grading of the weathers, while it's described as a "more complete version" of the original release. Don't worry though, the Pilgrim music is still in place - exactly where you left it.

Players React To Fallout Pilgrim Remastered

It's safe to say, players were over the moon to have this one back. Someone wrote, "Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to frantically re-download Fallout 4 just so I can play with this mod. Wonderful job! The rain and storm effects look INSANE." Another added, "Always felt the vanilla atmosphere was a little off and not fitting the tone the game should've had." A third concluded, "This is my favorite mod! It's how I played through a considerable part of Fallout 4, and now I can't play it any other way."

Ah, we've missed you. Like some sort of crossover between The Witch (which inspired it) and Silent Hill, Pilgrim Remastered makes even Fallout 4's scariest moments look like an Animal Crossing game. Bethesda did try something similar with the nautical Far Harbour DLC, but we've got to admit it pales in comparison to Pilgrim. It's not often that mods make something feel like a whole new game, but if you want some foggy frights, head into Pilgrim Remastered

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