First-Person Fallout 2 Remake Proves We Don't Need Fallout 5

First-Person Fallout 2 Remake Proves We Don't Need Fallout 5
Images via Bethesda

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Tom Chapman


5th Jan 2023 14:46

It's hard to believe how far Fallout has come, but as Bethesda prepares to open up its vaults once again for Fallout 5, let's look back at its humble origins.

These days, the Fallout name is largely remembered for standout entries like Obsidian's Fallout: New Vegas and Bethesda's Fallout 4. But, what about those tiny acorn beginnings under Interplay Productions?

Back before Fallout was a full-blown action RPG, it had a solid start as a standard RPG. Although the likes of Capcom are known for remaking its legacy Resident Evil games, we say it's about time Fallout gets the same treatment.

What Is The First-Person Fallout 2

Taking us back to the ancient era of Fallout, Polish developer Jonasz Osmenda has delivered the Fallout 2 3D Remake. Originally released in 1998, Black Isle Studios' Fallout 2 was the last mainline game before we made a leap into 3D with Fallout 3 in 2008.

There's a trailer for Fallout 2 3D, while the game is in free early access if you want to give it a spin. As pointed out by PCGamesN, you'll be able to customise your character (the Chosen One), potter around familiar regions like Arroyo, and (obviously) use the VATS system.

The game's original 2D assets are brought into a 3D world for some DOOM-esque gameplay. Be warned, due to Fallout 2 being a '90s game, things become a bit of a pixelated mush when you get close to them.

It's a fairly rough build, but Osmenda has vowed to keep updating the game and asks for your feedback on how to improve. Still, Fallout 2 3D is a lot of fun that actually shows what a modern remake of the game could be like.

For now, this one lies off the radar of Bethesda and its lawyers, but if the current holder of the vault keys finds out, Fallout 2 3D could be a short-lived affair.

When Could Fallout 5 Release?

We'd check out Fallout 2 3D on while you can, but in the meantime, it should keep us busy until Fallout 5 eventually releases. Sadly, that could a very long way away.

Although Bethesda has confirmed Fallout 5 is in the works, we know it'll focus on The Elder Scrolls 6 before that. We wouldn't put out money on it coming out this side of 2030, which would mean an agonising 15-year wait between Fallout 4 and the next chapter.

Bethesda boss Todd Howard said an outlined "one-pager" gives Fallout 5 some sort of story, while we've heard plenty of calls for the fifth mainline game to be set in New Orleans.

Bethesda celebrated Fallout's 25th anniversary in disappointing style, and with not so much as a whisper of Fallout 5, it looks like we're going to be locked underground for a little longer. Plenty of time to work on a new-gen Fallout 2 remaster!

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