Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s Xbox arrival branded a ‘hoax’

Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s Xbox arrival branded a ‘hoax’
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Joseph Kime


17th Jan 2024 14:00

As we get ready to return to the past in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, Square Enix and the larger Final Fantasy series are in a fascinating place right now  - but it might not be the same past that we remember.

Fans have pointed out that history has unfolded before our very eyes in a more twisty and topsy-turvy way than predicted, as story elements were changed in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake to suit a fresher universe.

The next part of the story could head in any direction, but one thing is universally expected of the series, and that's its sole appearance on PlayStation. As yet another spanner in the works, some are claiming FF7 could lose its PlayStation exclusivity, although others aren't having it at all.

Insider claims Final Fantasy 7 Remake will "definitely" come to Xbox

Speaking on the XboxTwo podcast, insider Jez Corden has opened up about his tweet from the previous evening, reporting on Xbox mistakenly announcing that Final Fantasy XIV: Realm Reborn would be coming to the console.

It has now been revealed that it won't be, but that hasn't stopped his podcast duo with Rand al Thor 19 from speculating about the series' future with the Green Team.

"I've got evidence tentatively that there are discussions about Final Fantasy 7 [coming] to Xbox," says Jez after a conversation about their expectations for Final Fantasy 16 appearing on Xbox.

As Square Enix has shown reluctance to budge on bringing the series to Xbox, it's an incredibly bold claim to make. Unsurprisingly, fans think TheXboxTwo are foolish for even suggesting such a thing and have reminded us how we've been here before. 

Fans think FF 7 Remake on Xbox is a 'hoax'

Aerith in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, channelling electricity.
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"Not this again," says one user in response to the video being shared in the GamingLeaksandRumours subreddit. "Xbox’s most successful hoax to sell consoles." Clearly not trusting the source, another said, "I don't think Jez has ever said anything like this though.

"Any time I've heard him talk about FF7 Remake on Xbox, it's usually about how it should've released by now or how he thinks its exclusivity period has been extended due to releases, updates, etc. But I can't recall him ever stating that he's got evidence that there's active discussions about it actually happening."

Referring to Corden's mention of "tentatively," someone else said, "This is the most non-committal statement I've ever seen." Another sceptic concluded, "Evidence of discussions? xD WTF is that BS?" As someone pointed out the PlayStation's exclusivity for the FF7 Remake ended a long time ago, it's not completely impossible. 

The future of Final Fantasy on Xbox remains to be seen, but with Square Enix's focus on Rebirth now, it would be a shock to see the first edition of the remake drop on Xbox anytime soon. Sorry, Xbox native fans, you might be left out in the cold for a little longer.

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