FaZe Jarvis Banned From Fortnite 15 Minutes Into Streaming

FaZe Jarvis Banned From Fortnite 15 Minutes Into Streaming

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Tom Chapman


14th Sep 2020 09:13

It was a short (and not-so-sweet) return to Fortnite for Jarvis "Jarvis" Khattri as the famed player tried to get back into Epic Games' battle royale title a year after he was given the boot. 

Jarvis is known for his esteemed standing as part of FaZe Clan, meaning his Fortnite ban was a pretty big deal back in 2019. The 19-year-old tweeted to say he'd be checking back in for a round of Fortnite, however, it didn't last very long.

With so much hype surrounding Jarvis' potential return to Fortnite on Twitch, it's no surprise that Epic was keeping a beady eye on proceedings. With Jarvis presumably knowing this, he took steps to try and stay in the game. In an attempt to stop Epic Games banning his account, Jarvis blacked out his details. Still, this didn't stop him lasting just 15 minutes before he was once again kicked. 


More than just Epic watching over things, Jarvis' stream caught the attention of streamers including SypherPK and Benjyfishy. While FaZe Jarvis has the support of most, others weren't as convinced and think the whole thing was an elaborate hoax to boost his YouTube subscribers.

This was fuelled by the fact the message on the screen said the account had been logged in elsewhere - rather than completely shut down. There's also the fact he had a cameraman primed and ready, leading fans to brand it a stunt. The Fortnite: Battle Royale Leaks Twitter delved deep into the game's code and said that his account has been fully banned, rather than suspended. Either way, it doesn't look like FaZe Jarvis will be streaming Fortnite any time soon. 

Jarvis was originally banned when he was caught using hacks in-game, and given the fact he was never unbanned, his latest drama was always expected. Last year, FaZe Jarvis uploaded a series of videos that showed him using aimbot with his alt account. Although it wasn't his main account, or in a competitive setting, Epic slammed down the ban hammer and made it permanent. Viewers were advised to get in early to watch his return stream, and 15 minutes lived up to those expectations. 

Jarvis was huge in Fortnite, and even though he can still play and not stream, it's unclear whether he's kept up his skills or abandoned his love of the game forever. No matter what, it doesn't look like Epic is planning on lifting its ban any time soon. Especially not after the latest debacle. Oh well, at least he tried.

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