Fortnite players recreate iconic Shipment and Rust maps

Fortnite players recreate iconic Shipment and Rust maps
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6th Feb 2023 16:52

There's nothing quite like an old-school Call of Duty 1v1. It's a bragging right that settled popularity and status back in high school, with debates and friendships that couldn't be replicated by any other game.

Where athletes might have taken disputes to the field for a scrap, the more tech-savvy headed to Rust or Shipment for an argy-bargy. Here, the winner would not only be the dominant player, but a more dominant person.

They meant more than just a fun bullet frenzy, and now this attitude has slipped into Fortnite, as the maturing fan base has now recreated Rust and Shipment to accompany first-person gameplay.

Modern Warfare's Shipment and Rust recreated in Fortnite

Fortnite's Creative mode has just started to become quite a popular playground for gamers, having only really been good for practising builds back when insane structures were the meta.

But now people are using the sandbox arena to create some masterpieces. One specific player has adapted Fortnite into the first-person and built both Rust and Shipment to find out who the ultimate player is.

Named as "Modern Fortfare," the creative designs follow Call of Duty's layout to perfection, with Rust boasting the centralised metallic structure and Shipment being a medley of perpendicular cargo crates.

Call of Duty fans hail Fortnite creator behind Rust and Shipment remakes

"Oh, man now this is dope! First-person just feels so natural on these insanely accurate remakes," began one fan on Twitter. 

Typically, Fortnite plays in the third-person but the creative glitch allows the maker to adapt the CoD maps to their natural behind-the-gun status.

Another added, "The day they add a 1st person only mode will be the day I finally install this game onto my PC."

Some fans even joked that this looks better than MW2, while others added, "This actually looks like such a laugh".

The map can be downloaded from Fortnite's Creative hub using the code "6650-9855-3010," where you can settle who is the ultimate 2020's gaming behemoth.

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