Has Shipment ruined Call of Duty? MW3 community erupts into heated debate

Has Shipment ruined Call of Duty? MW3 community erupts into heated debate

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Jack Marsh


5th Jan 2024 17:32

We all know what Shipment is by now. If you’ve ever bought a Call of Duty game, old or new, the likelihood is that you’ve played it.

It's a box of containers, where your average lifetime is just three seconds long, differing only if you survive the spawn trap explosions and manage to be the player in the lobby who is raining hell on everyone with a chopper gunner.

But has Shipment ruined Call of Duty? A lot of fans think so…

Has Shipment ruined CoD?

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This year in Modern Warfare 3, Shipment is on its seventh visit to mainline titles (not including Warzone), having also been in each of the last five games, and players are finally getting fatigued.

The arrival of Meat has fans realizing that Shipment isn’t the only small map that can be successful, and the "weapon XP simulator" isn't the bee's knees after all.

"It's just for grinding stuff and nothing else," said one fan on a divisive Reddit thread.

"[The] sad part is that it has ruined the CoD fanbase. Calling maps slow-paced if they don't see an enemy in 6 seconds," they added.

The latter point has become pretty relevant as of late, with original map designs in Modern Warfare 2 being labelled as boring if there isn't utter chaos, and 10v10 mosh pit becoming a necessity.

"It's an absolutely horrible map and I hate it, yet I will always play the 24/7 playlist when it's here because it's just too OP," said another fan, arguing that Call of Duty players only care about weapon levelling nowadays.

Or, is Shipment actually good for Call of Duty?


Naturally, all this Shipment hate has got a lot of players rather rattled, with many coming to its defence. 

"It’s a good map. People have too high of expectations for a map that’s built to be pure chaos. It’s a fun mess," said one defender.

Another added, "It isn't supposed to be a "good" map, and the broken aspects of it give it the most charm to people. The devs were trying to make the most chaotic and broken map possible, and they succeeded."

Maybe Shipment isn't too bad after all, but after five consecutive years on the same map (albeit with minor tweaks each year), it certainly could do with a break, allowing maps like Meat, Das Haus, and even Nuketown to thrive.

Jack Marsh
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