Star Wars: Outlaws fans obsessed with ‘sexy’ droid

Star Wars: Outlaws fans obsessed with ‘sexy’ droid
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13th Jun 2023 16:35

It just wouldn't be Star Wars without some beeping and booping droids accompanying you on your mission. While R2-D2 and C-3PO will always be staples, we've since had the likes of BB-8, K-2SO and IG-11 to help our humanoid heroes. Still, if there's one thing they're's hot.

Star Wars: Outlaws has a lot going for it, and despite the current hate it's facing for having a female protagonist, the first fully open-world Star Wars game already looks like it'll up the ante in the galaxy far, far away. Aside from moving away from Jedi (yeah, we're bored of them), there's some robotic eye candy.

Star Wars: Outlaws fans lose it over 'hot' droid

Although Kay Vess is the lead of Outlaws, ND-5 threatens to steal the limelight away from the Imperial Era thief. Despite being built for the Clone Wars, ND has switched sides and can be seen working alongside Vess to pull off a major heist.

Twitter was soon full of tweets about Outlaws, with a worrying number being about how 'hot' ND-5 is. One blushed, "Droid five pack got me," while another added, "I don't even like Star Wars but he has me a little interested ngl." A third concluded, "ND-5? More like Nice Daddy, uh, five."

Someone else joked, "You know, Futurama has an episode about this..." - referring to Bender hooking up with Amy Wong in Season 6's "Proposition Infinity." A bit like Lady Dimitrescu becoming the poster girl of Resident Evil Village, it seems like ND-5 is about to steal the show.

What do we know about Star Wars: Outlaws?

Star Wars Outlaws Kay Vess and Nix
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The first gameplay trailer for Outlaws also made it look like a lot of fun while silencing some critics. Alongside ND-5, the adorable Nix is another cute critter accompanying Kay on her mission. Ubisoft Massive is neatly building out a likeable cast of sci-fi space rogues. 

Set between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, we're once again going back to the original trilogy. With a shot of Han Solo frozen in Carbonite, we're betting Jabba the Hutt will appear at some point. Others think that love it or hate it, we'll be heading back to Tatooine.

Star Wars: Outlaws has a tentative release date of 2024, with a multi-platform release for PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X - although we don't know if it'll be landing on Game Pass. We don't envy Kay Vess taking on the Pyke Syndicate in the Outer Rim, but at least she's got ND-5 to help her out with all his metallic muscles. 

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