Fans are asking for ‘inevitable’ Resident Evil 1 remake

Fans are asking for ‘inevitable’ Resident Evil 1 remake
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Tom Chapman


19th Jan 2024 16:05

Can you smell that? It's the stench of rotting flesh and fresh money. Capcom has been on a winning streak with its recent Resident Evil remakes, and with the developer saying it's interested in diving back into the putrid back catalogue, fans are obviously asking what comes next.

2019's Resident Evil 2 remake sparked the recent Resiverse renaissance and was quickly followed by 2020's revamp of Resident Evil 3. Although we had to wait a while, the long-awaited Resident Evil 4 remake was well worth the wait and was largely held as even better than the 2005 original.

Fans are ready for the 'inevitable' Resident Evil remake

While the RE4 remake's Separate Ways DLC neatly sets up a Resident Evil 5 remake, there are plenty of others we'd like to see first. We've heard a lot about the forgotten Resident Evil – Code: Veronica getting its long-awaited remake treatment, but going even further back, some want to see another remake of 1996's Resident Evil.

Posting on Twitter, Joe Lauricella mocked up a cover for a Resident Evil remake on PS5. Although 2023's Resident Evil 4 remake arrived on PlayStation, it was touch and go. We assume that whatever comes next from the Resiverse will be a new-gen exclusive, meaning a Resident Evil remake on PS5 isn't out of the question.

Loving the idea of REmake remake, one supporter cheered, "Absolutely! I can't wait. If they dedicate as much effort in it, as with the RE4 remake, a modern take on that story could be brilliant. There's literally, not a single downside to it. Who could protest, an opportunity, for a new RE experience, and a beloved franchise, to expand."

Another said, "A remake in the RE engine with OTS style camera would be incredible," and a third added, "Going to be incredible, if it holds up to RE:4 / RE:2, which it should because 1 was the most atmospheric." Someone else concluded, "True. But we need Resident Evil Zero Remade too." Come on Capcom, make it happen.

Enough with remakes of remakes

Barry and Jill Resident Evil HD Remaster (2015)
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Image via Capcom

If you thought Resident Evil 4 was known for being ported to every device to mankind, the OG Resident Evil has been given remake after remake. Struggling to keep up with where things are, the 1996 classic got a complete overhaul for the 2002 REmake on the GameCube.

It's arguably here that Capcom got its first taste of how lucrative Resident Evil remakes could be, so it's baffling we had to wait a whopping 17 years until we got the RE2 remake. Still, the REmake got a revamp of its own when the Resident Evil HD Remaster was released in 2015. That was also released on PS4, showing we haven't come as far as you'd think.

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As for the idea of remaking the remake, it's something that Capcom has clearly thought about. When discussing a REmake remake with Game Informer, Resident Evil 2 (2019) Game Director Kazunori Kadoi said, "Certainly enough time has passed that it wouldn't be laughable to remake the remake. I personally think that would be an interesting thing to do."

We guess remakes of remakes are always going to be inevitable, but to be honest, we're not sure if Capcom will ever be able to top the highs of the Resident Evil 2 remake. Still, we won't try and stop Capcom from trying. 

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