Capcom fans convinced Resident Evil 5 remake is coming next

Capcom fans convinced Resident Evil 5 remake is coming next
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Tom Chapman


5th Oct 2023 17:16

Get ready for some boulder-punching madness, as Resident Evil fans are convinced that Capcom is working on a Resident Evil 5 remake next. While the signs were already there that an overhaul of the 2009 game was coming, 2023's Resident Evil 4 remake has all but confirmed its fate.

Following the GameCube REmake in 2002, things went quiet in terms of Resi remakes until 2019's Resident Evil 2. It was a certified smash, leading to the 2020 remake of RE3, and 2023's RE4 remake. Although we'll soon run out of entries, revisiting Resident Evil 5 next makes a lot of sense.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Resident Evil 4's Separate Ways DLC

Resident Evil 5 remake looks even more likely 

Those who stuck around until the Resident Evil 4 remake post-credit will know we got a reveal of Albert Wesker as Ada Wong's employer. This expanded on her overlooked arc from the original game and neatly set up the seeds of a Resident Evil 5 remake - even giving a tease of TRICELL's Excella Gionne. 

We revised some of this for the Separate Ways DLC while giving Ava even more time in the spotlight. It's here that players think they've got another big tease of Resident Evil 5. Over on Reddit, fans pointed to the final line of Wesker, mentioning the sun setting on "the age of man."

You might remember the convoluted plot of RE5 involved the glasses-wearing villain trying to infect the world with his Uroboros super virus. Having acquired Saddler's body in the Separate Ways ending, it means Wesker now has samples of the Progenitor, T, and G Viruses, as well as the Master Plaga. 

The Resident Evil 5 problem

Resident Evil 5 Chris and Sheva gameplay
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Much more than the original RE4 or Separate Ways, the remake version ties the sprawling plot threads and villainous organisations in a more coherent way. We've heard a lot about a mythical RE5 remake, and now, fans are convinced it's coming.

"I think it’s happening. RE5 used a lot of RE4 assets back in the day, and now they have a bunch of HD RE4 assets. Makes perfect sense to use those assets for and HD RE5 next," said one. Another added, "I mean a re5 remake is literally them printing money," and a third said, "There is a lot they could fix with RE5 honestly."

Despite accepting our inevitable fate, others weren't as sure. Someone else lamented, "I want it too, but I also prefer Code Veronica first, and wishful thinking a modern Remake 1 as well. To get more background on Wesker and Chris's past. The modern remakes start with Leon's story."

Whereas there was plenty of hype about the Resident Evil 4 remake, RE5 is getting a frostier reception. As well as it being relatively new when compared to the other games that have been remade, it was famously divisive upon release.

As well as swapping story for explosive action, Resident Evil 5 was called out for potential racial stereotypes. Some think this makes it even riper for adapting with a more sensitive tone, while others are unconvinced Capcom can work its magic. Either way, we're excited to see how a new-gen Chris Redfield will punch a boulder. 

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