Capcom won’t rule out Resident Evil - Code: Veronica remake

Capcom won’t rule out Resident Evil - Code: Veronica remake
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7th Jul 2023 16:24

While we'll likely never forgive Capcom for giving us Exoprimal instead of a Dino Crisis reboot, we'll admit the developer has the golden touch when it comes to its Resident Evil remakes. As far back as the GameCube Remake in 2002, Capcom has been making bank on revamping those shuffling zombies.

More recently, there's been a run on remaking the classics, with 2019's Resident Evil 2 remake showing us how it's done. RE3 was another belter (if a little short), while 2023's Resident Evil 4 managed to breathe new life into one of the best games of all time.

What is Resident Evil - Code: Veronica?

Released on the forgotten Dreamcast in 2000, Code: Veronica was much more than just your average spin-off, being considered the fourth game in the Resiverse by picking up the stories of Chris and Claire Redfield. As the first entry to use real-time 3D instead of the 2D rendered backgrounds of the first three games, it's a big deal.

The problem is, with Capcom having moved in order and only adapted mainline games, our hopes of a Resident Evil - Code: Veronica remake have been thrown to the breeze. Code: Veronica should've technically come before an RE4 remake, but as it looks like an RE5 remake is next, should we give up altogether?

For whatever reason, Code: Veronica has been cast aside. We'll admit it's one of the more out-there entries, but who doesn't love a bit of camp from Alfred Ashford? Also, with Code: Veronica giving some crucial backstory to Albert Wesker and Chris, it would be well-timed to slot it in before the inevitable RE5 remake.

Capcom isn't saying no to Code: Veronica remake

Code: Veronica Albert Wesker
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Even though most have given up on Code: Veronica getting a new-gen refresh, Capcom is keen to keep baiting us. During a Capcom shareholder meeting Q&A, one asked whether the company will be "providing high-end visual remakes of only the main numbered entries in the Resident Evil series."

This seemingly pulls the spotlight on the likes of Code: Veronica and the Revelations games. Capcom responded, saying it's "carrying out discussions regarding the future expansion of this series so it can be enjoyed." Not exactly Code: Veronica coming in 2024, but it's a start.

At least we know Capcom isn't solely confining itself to the numbered games, as let's be honest, we're running out of them. There are already concerns about how it'll overhaul RE5, let alone the dumpster fire of 2012's Resident Evil 6

If we were on the Capcom board, we'd wait a few years and deliver a proper Code: Veronica remake akin to the recent remakes, watch the money flow in, and then move on to RE5. Come on Capcom, there's still time. It's been 12 years since the HD Code: Veronica X, so we're more than overdue for a revamp.

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