Fallout Fans Have Crowned The Franchise's Best Game

Fallout Fans Have Crowned The Franchise's Best Game

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Tom Chapman


11th Apr 2022 12:57

It's a wide ol' wasteland out there, and some 25 years after we first opened up the vault, the Fallout franchise is one of the RPG scene's biggest players. While we've been warned we're still a long way off Fallout 5, there are thankfully plenty of games to keep us busy.

The history of Fallout is a strange one, with the RPG originally falling under Black Isle Studios for the first two games. It was Interplay Entertainment's Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel that catapulted the franchise forward as it shifted into becoming an action RPG. From there on out, Fallout has hit the mainstream with two more main entries and spin-offs like Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 76

What Is The Best Fallout Game?

Fallout: New Vegas 2
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Obsidian Entertainment

In what has become a yearly tradition, fans have crowned the "best" Fallout game. Of 1,020 gamers asked, a whopping 52.6% of those asked gave Obsidian Entertainment's neon wonder the nod. This was followed by 25.5% saying Bethesda's colossal Fallout 4 deserves second place. Aside from Interplay's first games, there wasn't much love for the divisive Fallout 76

Remembering that New Vegas was a spin-off that came in a troubled time where no one really knew what to do with Fallout, it's testimony to Obsidian's work that it's become a legend in its own right. Sadly, it further compounds our heartache that we've never had New Vegas 2

It was a big win for Fallout 76, as it also topped polls for best story, side quests, DLCs, and RPG elements. This wasn't quite a clean sweep though. Fallout 4 won for best companions. Although there's plenty of love for Rex or Lily Bowen, they couldn't best Nick Valentine and Dogmeat.


Will Fallout: New Vegas Get A Remaster?

All of the above is similar to last year's poll, which also put New Vegas at #1. Back then though, there were 8,395 participants, so we're not sure why there's been such a drop. In 2021, 58.9% of those polled agreed Fallout: New Vegas is the best. Until another Fallout comes out, expect the results to be pretty similar.

Interestingly, there was a section about which game(s) we'd most like to see get a remaster/remake. Given that New Vegas came out in 2010, and there has been a fair amount of technological advances in that time, that title seems ripe for such a treatment. And with Fallout and Bethesda falling under the Microsoft umbrella, surely there are enough now enough hands to get to work on a New Vegas remake. With Bethesda busy on Starfield and the eventual release of The Elder Scrolls 6, a remaster could fill that vault-shaped hole in our lives.


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