Fallout Dev Wanted To Make Walking Dead, Rick & Morty Games

Fallout Dev Wanted To Make Walking Dead, Rick & Morty Games
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26th Jan 2023 13:41

When it comes to Fallout games, few have had the impact of 2010's New Vegas. Once considered the black sheep of the apocalyptic family, it's become a cult classic that (alongside Knights of the Old Republic II) cemented Obsidian Entertainment as one of the greats.

There's been much chatter about a mythical New Vegas sequel, but while it's never come to fruition, Obsidian has been busy on everything from South Park: The Stick of Truth to The Outer Worlds and upcoming releases like Avowed

Obsidian has a long legacy of cancelled games, with the likes of Aliens: Crucible never seeing the light of day. But, did you also know the acclaimed developer once pitched for games based on The Walking Dead and Rick and Morty IPs?

Obsidian Wanted To Bring The Walking Dead Back To Life

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In an interview with NME, Obsidian founded Feargus Urquhart explains what could've been - saying that the developer imagined an RPG based on The Walking Dead

Although there are no details of when in the shuffling series' timeline this was, we'd like to imagine it came at The Walking Dead's peak when Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes was still the MVP.

Ultimately, Obsidian couldn't find a publisher that was interested, meaning the project was canned. Aside from Telltale's episodic The Walking Dead: The Game, we've had pretty poor attempts at expanding the franchise.

Alongside Activision's The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct as an FPS focusing on Merle and Daryl Dixon, there was the commercial and critical massacring of Overkill's The Walking Dead

Just imagine Obsidian dusting The Walking Dead with its RPG prowess for a hybrid of the zombie apocalypse and a rich world like the New Vegas' Mojave Wasteland. Sadly, with complaints TWD is past its peak, we doubt it'd happen these days. 

What About Rick And Morty?

As for Obsidian firing up the portal gun, an official Rick and Morty game was lost in time when Microsoft acquired the developer in 2018. 

Microsoft did get a Rick and Morty-inspired game, with Squanch Games' High on Life recently breaking Xbox Game Pass records. Given the recent charges levelled against Squanch Games' founder Justin Roiland, we find ourselves asking what the Mortyverse would be like if Obsidian was at the helm. 

Similar to The Walking Dead, there's yet to be a truly AAA Rick and Morty game. Instead, we got Owlchemy Labs' Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality

Urquhart has been on a roll revealing axed projects recently, and while he still holds out hope Obsidian could return for New Vegas 2 one day, we find ourselves adding The Walking Dead and Rick and Morty to the developer's reject pile alongside a non-existent Avatar game

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