Fallout: New Vegas Devs Were Supposed To Make Avatar Game

Fallout: New Vegas Devs Were Supposed To Make Avatar Game
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20th Jan 2023 16:07

The second visit to Pandora has been as equally divisive as the first time, with lovers of the Avatar movie franchise loving the cutting-edge CGI and critics being open about the "meh" storyline. 

This sentiment was matched when the video game adaptation came around, focusing on an entirely different storyline set two years prior to the film.

The "mixed reviews" of Avatar: The Game in 2009 saw Ubisoft nip any continuity in the bud, but, did you know some Fallout developers had a different idea?

It's now come to light that shortly after Avatar: The Game was released, James Cameron and 20th Century Fox met with Fallout: New Vegas' Obsidian Entertainment about creating a second Avatar title.

Fallout Developers Were In Talks To Create An Avatar 2 Game

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In an interview with GamePressure, Obsidian Entertainment CEO and Co-Founder Feargus Urquhart claimed that his studios were in talks with Hollywood blockbusters to create an Avatar 2 game.

"Avatar 2 just came out and James Cameron spent ten or fifteen years making it. Back then, we were talking with them about making an Avatar 2 game… I don't even know how long ago. Eight, six years, something like that," said Urquhart.

These talks would have been ongoing before the official announcement of Avatar: The Way of Water, meaning Pandora's lore could have been completely rewritten.

If this was the case, the second film could have been based on the video game. It's not unfathomable considering The Last of Us' success so far.

Why Didn't Obsidian Make Avatar 2?

Unfortunately for Avatar: The Game fanatics, a sequel wasn't pursued by Obsidian, as Urquhart implied that they didn't want to pour endless years into the development of such a colossal title, and opted to continue their smaller Fallout projects instead. 

"I don’'t need every game I made to be Avatar 2, right? You must have this desire to design things awesome, of course. It's not that you start with this attitude, 'meh, just put something out meh,' that's not it at all.

"But it's also that idea, that I've always seen my career as one of many games. Not one of a single game." That's interesting considering that the beloved New Vegas is held as Obsidian's golden chalice.

Another Avatar game is undergoing some surgery under Ubisoft's wing though, so it's not all doom and gloom. Urquhart and co. will likely be kicking themselves if it manages to exceed expectations and finally unearth a storyline that Pandora deserves.

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