Fallout 76's Christmas Content Includes Zombie Santas

Fallout 76's Christmas Content Includes Zombie Santas
Images: Bethesda

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Joseph Kime


22nd Dec 2022 11:53

Fallout 76 might have launched in a fiery ball of chaos, but in the years following, Bethesda has done its utmost to ensure that the game is at least playable. And so far, it's working.

The constant updates coming to the title imply that it actually has an active playerbase - despite the game's nightmare release, and the new content coming to the game is coaxing a lot of players back.

It looks as though Bethesda is aiming to do the same with its new Christmas update. And they're introducing some new festive enemies to commemorate the festive season.

Fallout 76 Introduces Zombie Santas

Fallout 76's Christmas Content Includes Zombie Santas
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The Holiday Scorched event has finally returned to Fallout 76, and it's packing some brand new festive baddies, in the form of members of the Scorched dressed up like Santa. Cute!

The Santa Scorched can be found across Appalachia. And players will hear them coming from their jingling bells noises as they run to players. Killing them will yield Holiday Gifts, that serve as mini boxes of loot that could give players some rare C.A.M.P items as well as some standard loot.

It's a fun and charming way to ring in the New Year, and a strange implication that there aren't enough enemies peppered in the streets of the game. We promise you, Bethesda, that's not the case.

What Else Is In The Fallout 76 Holiday Event?

Along with the Scorched Santa nasties, you can also buy wrapping paper from the game's vendors to create your own Christmas presents at work benches.

They'll count as Holiday Gifts too, giving you yet another chance to unlock some of the new loot, or you can give them out to other players as a symbol of goodwill. Don't worry, we know you won't.

The new little event is pretty sweet, and is giving players more of an opportunity to return to Appalachia for the holidays. Plus, it'll be a nice welcome to the new players whose grandma found the game in the local store's bargain bin.

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