Fallout 3 Players Discover Hair-Raising Easter Egg After 14 Years

Fallout 3 Players Discover Hair-Raising Easter Egg After 14 Years
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Joseph Kime


11th Mar 2022 10:48

It's no surprise that the Fallout titles under the watch of Bethesda have stood the test of time.

Fallout 3 is commonly regarded as one of the best RPG games of all time, and that is a completely fair assessment. Its sprawling world and compelling characters make the game the perfect playground to test your own moral limits, letting you go out of your way to help others contending with the post-apocalypse, or being an evil maniac hellbent on ruining (or ending) the lives of everyone you meet. The most important thing about the game is the choice, and Bethesda helped to breathe life into the franchise with their gameplay designs.

But, with a game as massive as Fallout 3, there's bound to be little secrets - and what do you know, a new one has been discovered, 14 years from the game's launch.

Fallout 3 Player Discovers Hidden Detail 14 Years Later

It looks like there are still plenty of easter eggs to be found in Fallout 3, as a brand new one has been unearthed all these years later.

As shared in a Reddit post by user Gluttonforcrime in the GamingDetails subreddit, you can unlock a secret string of dialogue with a Ghoul if you're wearing a specific item.

If you head to the Museum of History you'll find Griffon, a Ghoul conman who will try to sell you Aqua Cura, which is simply irradiated water in a fancy bottle that he insists will heal Ghouls of their ailments, and eventually, grow out a healthy head of hair. You might notice, though, that he's wearing what's clearly a wig. 

If you're wearing that exact same wig, he'll get a little shifty, as though he's about to get caught out. "Aheh. Um… yeah, look at that," he'll say. "We practically have the same haircut. What are the chances of that? Aheh."

What's Next For Fallout?

Fallout 3 Players Discover Hair-Raising Easter Egg After 14 Years
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Of course, Fallout 3 came out some time ago now, and many feel that the franchise hasn't been as good as when this game or its Obsidian counterpart New Vegas was released - so what can we expect next from the game?

Well, a "fuzzy" five-year plan has been made for the multiplayer title Fallout 76, meaning that there's no intention of dropping the game despite its critical panning - but there could be more single-player content on the horizon too.

Rumour has it that Microsoft is looking into the possibility of making a follow-up to fan-favourite New Vegas, which would be a huge deal for the franchise and its communities - but as for details, we're just going to have to wait and see. 


It's telling of how much fans want more Fallout, especially when they're still playing Fallout 3 enough to discover hidden Easter eggs all the while. The games are still hugely popular and for good reason. Come on, Bethesda, bring 'em back. You know you want to.


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