Faker Offers Heart-Warming Gesture To SGB After MSI Elimination

Faker Offers Heart-Warming Gesture To SGB After MSI Elimination
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Jack Marsh


25th May 2022 14:48

He might be the Unkillable Demon King on the pitch, but feed Lee "Faker" Sang-Hyeok some broccoli, and he turns into the nicest man in League of Legends. He recently took it upon himself to prove this again during the Mid-Season Invitational 2021.

Despite T1 being rocked in the Rumble Stage, finally seeing their incredible win-streak come to an end before struggling to recover, the Korean organisation has managed to scrape a top seed for the Semi-Finals, thanks to a shock win over Royal Never Give up and a fortunate result that saw Saigon Buffalo take down G2 Esports.

Having booked a place in the final four, T1's main man Faker went above and beyond to congratulate Saigon Buffalo as their MSI campaign came to a close, once again showing tremendous sportsmanship

Faker Stays Behind To Applaud Saigon Buffalo

T1's fate, to some extent, lay in the hands of Rumble Stage rookies Saigon Buffalo, going into the final day of fixtures, with the Vietnamese team taking on G2 Esports and T1 despite already being mathematically eliminated. 

A stunning win for the team on their first-ever international trip saw G2 Esports marooned to a third-fourth finish and T1 secure top two, and with the seedings set in stone, the exhibition-esque sign-off for Saigon Buffalo saw Faker show his appreciation.

As Saigon bowed out of the competition with their game against T1, the Korean team had all left the stage, apart from Faker, who lingered to applaud the Vietnamese roster who punched above their weight game after game to make the top six. As Saigon bowed to the crowd, Faker stood to the side of the stage and clapped for the team. It might have only been a small gesture, but for the greatest of all time to show his appreciation, it probably meant a lot to the rookie roster.


Can Faker Win Another MSI?

Maybe the reason behind Faker's extra applause for Saigon Buffalo was due to their win against G2 Esports, which guaranteed Faker and T1 a top-two spot, which translates to vetoes and avoiding Royal Never Give Up in the semis. 

The arguably easier run than see's T1 matched up against G2 Esports, who have now tied their aggregate score 1-1. Both teams went into the Rumble Stage as hot favourites due to their immense winning form, but have since slipped down the pecking order as RNG dismantled the opposition in the league play.

T1 will go into the semi-finals with more momentum than G2, following back-to-back wins over Saigon and RNG, although at this point it really is anyone's game.


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