G2 Esports Shatters T1's Record-Breaking Unbeaten Streak

G2 Esports Shatters T1's Record-Breaking Unbeaten Streak
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Jack Marsh


20th May 2022 16:10

G2 Esports are back, and possibly better than ever. Europe's greatest organisation of the last five years suffered a woeful 2021 campaign by their standards, considering their back to back top-four finishes at the World Championships in the years prior. However, they've now unseated possibly the most formidable team to ever play League of Legends.

After embarking on a win streak of their own, G2 Esports had racked up an impressive ten straight victories through the LEC Spring playoff lower-bracket run and the MSI 2022 Group Stages, boasting 12 games unbeaten, totalling to 20 rounds without loss. 

But this was nothing in comparison to T1, whose 26-match streak saw them be crowned champions of Korea without dropping a single game, and only dropping seven maps in their last 56. Arguably the best side in LCK history, as per their undefeated record, T1 posed as G2's biggest threat, and vice versa, with a giant record from either side having to be broke when the two met at MSI 2022.

T1 Lose First Game Of 2022 To G2 Esports

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Both Lee "Faker" Sang-Hyeok of T1 and G2 Esports' Marcin "Jankos" Jankowski had previously expressed their excitement about facing off against each other once again, as the veterans booked their way to Busan. With so much on the line, fans grew increasingly giddy too, as the LoL heavyweights were set to but heads in the Rumble Stage.

Somewhat unexpectedly, it was G2's team-fight-heavy composition that proved too difficult for T1's individual piercing plays to topple, and having been without loss since the World Championships semi-final back in October 2021.

Both teams are bookies favourites to take home the MSI 2022 trophy, given their dominance through the group stages and individual regional leagues, and T1 took no time in replying with a demolishing performance against PSG Talon.


Can G2 Win MSI 2022?

Having notched their map-win streak to 21-0 with their victory over T1, G2 Esports now pose as the team to beat. Maybe equally as impressive is their momentum taken into their next game against Chinese champions Royal Never Give Up.

While it would have been easy to take their foot off of the gas, G2 Esports ended yet another undefeated team, as RNG swept their group with a 6-0 record. Many international fans may have written G2 off to suffer back-to-back defeats, however, wins against the LCK and LPL champions now leave them as a certified monster-team in everyone's eyes.

Can they take it all? Well, the answer to this riddle will unfold over the following days. Will they falter and fall on their double-edged sword by allowing complacency to creep in? Will T1 and RNG be possessed with revenge? Or, will G2 stay mentally strong to stay on top? You wouldn't bet against them now.


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