Evil Geniuses Break Impressive Record In LCS Finals Demolishing Of 100 Thieves

Evil Geniuses Break Impressive Record In LCS Finals Demolishing Of 100 Thieves
Evil Geniuses

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Jack Marsh


25th Apr 2022 11:30

The time of the evil is here, as the genius League of Legends stars crept into the upper bracket on the last day of the Group Stages and went on to cause the demise of some monster organisations to conquer North America.

Evil Geniuses' run through Playoffs saw them gain confidence from a 3-1 victory over FlyQuest to blitz through the bracket without losing another map, using their villainous status to strike poison into Cloud9, Team Liquid, and finally 100 Thieves to take home the LCS Spring Split championships. 

The clean sweep of 100 Thieves also made LCS history, as the quickest Grand Final victory since its conception.

Evil Genius Set LCS Record For Quickest Playoffs Grand Final Win

Evil Geniuses Win LCS Spring Split 2022
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Close your eyes if you're a 100 Thieves fan, as this statistic doesn't paint a pretty picture for the organisation on the receiving end of two historic drummings. Going into the 2022 Spring Split finals, 100 Thieves' 0-3 loss to Team Liquid in 2018 was the fastest dismantlement of a Grand Final match to date, with three maps concluding in just one hour and 23 minutes. The Thieves did actually match this record in reverse fashion in 2022 though, getting their revenge on Team Liquid in exactly the same time.

However, Evil Genius was left with a maniacal last laugh this time around, as they won three consecutive rounds in just one hour and 18 minutes, beating the previous record by a handful of ticks around the clock. 


Evil Geniuses Join MSI 2022 Lineup

For Evil Geniuses, the 2022 Spring Split comes as their first major League of Legends trophy ever, having only returned to the scene in 2020 after a six-year hiatus. 

Despite having a history dating back to 2013, Evil Geniuses had never managed more than a third-place finish (matched at both EU LCS Spring 2013 and LCS Spring 2020), but have since transformed the Echo Fox roster that they acquired in 2019 to a championship-winning squad. With this victory, they have now qualified for their first international LoL tournament in MSI 2022

The North American representatives are now set to go up against Europe's G2 Esports and Australia's ORDER, in a three-way group due to the absence of the CIS representatives amid the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. 

With a $100,000 prize in the bank for EG, they now lead the charge for a Worlds 2022 spot in a convincing fashion.


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