Epic Hades 2 theory is the perfect way to bring back Zagreus

Epic Hades 2 theory is the perfect way to bring back Zagreus
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17th May 2024 15:06

After the sword-swinging success of 2020's Hades, was anyone really expecting anything other than another romping roguelike when it comes to Hades 2? The game has just entered its Early Access period, and for PC players, they're already making the most of this new and improved outing.

While the first Hades introduced us to Zagreus and charted his mission to try and escape the Underworld, there's a new protagonist this time around. It's over to Zag's little sister, Melinoë, who is taking her fight to Chronos, the Titan of Time. For those wondering where Zagreus is, it's not exactly good news.


Hades and Hades 2 spoilers ahead

Where is Zagreus in Hades 2?

Zagreus' fate in Hades 2
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It's true that Zagreus is in Hades 2, although it gets a little complicated. We see the God of the Underworld's wayward son during one of Melinoë's flashbacks. Here, we take control of Hades himself and witness Chronos taking over the Underworld as he wages war on the Gods of Olympus.

A helpless Hades looks on and sees Zagreus frozen in time. Chronos warns that Zag and the others "stand imprisoned in a moment of time that shall never pass," but come on, we know that won't stick. After beating Chronos, Mel heads to the door of Zagreus' bedroom from the first game...cut to black. 

Currently, Hades 2's Early Access ends when Melinoë suddenly dies and is sent back to the Crossroads like any other loop. With a message telling you to keep exploring, there's a promise that the story isn't over yet. Aside from Supergiant saying it has more planned, there's Chronos' threat that nothing can stop time. 

Hades 2 theory brings back Zagreus in a big way

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Over on the Hades subreddit, u/sanjunuperose has come up with a brilliant endgame theory that brings Zagreus and Melinoë back together in an unexpected way. They think that Zag will return for a more substantial role in the game's full release, which makes sense, given where we leave the Early Access story.

Bringing together both eras of Hades, the OP thinks that when Chronos is finally defeated, Zag will replace him as the endgame boss, and the enemies of Tartarus will be turned into the Underworld ones from the first game. Mel will have to break into the Underworld, while the final fight between brother and sister will be a bonding experience. 

Even though we know Melinoë is the MVP of Hades 2, it will be disappointing if Zagreus is resigned to being a background character who is frozen in time, only to pop up for some last-minute cameo. It's possible we'll get to control Zag again in the next chapter of Hades 2, but either way, we're sure he'll be jabbing his Eternal Spear before long. 

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