Hades 2 players have a massive problem with the Chronos boss battle

Hades 2 players have a massive problem with the Chronos boss battle
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20th May 2024 16:38

Melinoë is ready to go again, and so are we. As players themselves get stuck in Chronos' neverending loop, Hades 2 is proving just as addictive as its 2020's predecessor. The game is currently only in Early Access on PC, with it serving as a testing ground so Supergiant Games can iron out the kinks.

Like the OG Hades, Hades 2 puts tasks some downtrodden offspring of the Lord of the Underworld with battling against various gods and monsters of Greek mythology. There's a new big bad this time around, and instead of Zagreus duking it out with daddy dearest, Melinoë has to take out her grandfather, Chronos.

Hades 2 fans have a problem with the Chronos boss fight

We'll keep things light on the story spoilers, but it'll come as no surprise that Hades 2's final fight is Melinoë versus Chronos. Things go down in Tartarus, with players needing all the best boons, weapons, and some dumb luck to beat the Titan of Time.

Chronos is difficult enough as is, but as shared by one disgruntled gamer on the Hades subreddit, his boss battle could have an accessibility issue. Reddit u/Papercurse says Hades 2's Chronos fight is hard for the wrong reasons, claiming they're unable to see his cues due to the colouring.

Others in the comments agree, noting that everything being black and gold makes it hard to see. Someone else complained, "I've beaten him multiple times, I know you can kite him, that doesn't change the fact that, because of the way everything is coloured, just seeing Chronos is a boss fight of its own."

Another added, "I actually have a similar problem with Hecate when using the flame weapon. It's suck a similar shade of blue-green that I can't tell what's her attacks and what's mine," while a fourth said, "I have no idea how someone who may actually have some form of colour blindness is expected to defeat him." 

Hades 2 faces accessibility backlash

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Elsewhere, Access-Ability points to a different accessibility issue and how you can't pause the Chronos fight to enter the accessibility menu. There is eventually an option to pause during his fight, but it's only unlocked after you've beaten him a minimum of three times. 

In a game where Supergiant has nailed so many other aspects and been able to pride itself on accessibility, it's a shame that this is a recurring complaint from the Chronos fight. As these complaints continue to rumble online, we imagine Supergiant will soon be taking note.

Hades 2 has already been praised as a near-perfect game in Early Access, so we can't wait to see what it's like when it gets a general release. Hopefully, Supergiant can balance Chronos and keep him as a credible endgame threat without alienating the audience. 

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