Dying Light 2 Has A Secret DOOM Level

Dying Light 2 Has A Secret DOOM Level
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Tom Chapman


9th Feb 2022 12:41

Two gaming giants have come together, as the ever-relevant DOOM series has found a new home in Dying Light 2. Don't worry, the Martian menaces of Pain Eternals and Barons of Hell haven't broken through the barriers of Villedor. Instead, Techland has hidden a secret DOOM level inside the bowels of Dying Light 2

Zombie games, we've seen 'em all, haven't we? From the crumbling confines of Resident Evil's Spencer Mansion to the mould-ravaged horror of The Last of Us, newcomers like Days Gone and Back 4 Blood have tried to do something different. It was 2015's Dying Light that stuck out from the crowd, with an innovative mix of zombie and parkour.

Where Is Dying Light 2's Secret Doom Level?

When it comes to DOOM, things are much more of a simplistic affair. id Software's 1993 original is credited with kickstarting the first-person shooter genre, while 2016's reboot bought the franchise kicking and shooting its way into the 21st century. Even if there's no news on a Doom Eternal sequel, Dying Light gives us its own version. 

Posting on YouTube, xGarbett showed off the hidden DOOM level in Dying Light 2. Complete with an elevated pentagram and some typically DOOM-inspired music that sounds like it's been ripped right off the soundtrack, it doesn't take Doomguy to figure out Techland's inspiration here. Accessing this is a whole labyrinth of its own, taking you right across the map to collect five demonic rubber ducks and placing them around the altar. 

Activating the challenge at night, you'll be dragged into a recreation of the OG Doom's E1M1 level. As a pop-up ominously warns "Welcome to Hell", players will notice there's a decidedly pixelated look to the first-person camera. This in itself is a nod to the limited graphics that id had to deal with all those years ago. 

What's The Point Of Dying Light 2's Secret Doom Level?

Once the three-minute timer kicks off, you have to dash around the level and collect materials while blasting pixelated zombies with DOOM-esque cannon. Sadly, there's not much point to this Dying Light 2 Easter egg - other than the fact it's a nostalgic throwback to a game that set the stage for the likes of Techland's zombie-bashing title.

We're reminded a lot of the secret Wolfenstein 3D level id snuck into 2014's Wolfenstein: The New Order. The difference was, both those games fall under the same umbrella. When you've had enough of trying to save the warring factions of Villedor in Dying Light 2, why not take a trip down memory lane as your very own Doomguy?  


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