The Original Dying Light Is Getting A New-Gen Upgrade

The Original Dying Light Is Getting A New-Gen Upgrade

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Tom Chapman


15th Oct 2021 11:21

Dying Light is shuffling from the grave, as a new-gen upgrade for Techland's 2015 horror is on the way. While we're all looking ahead at the long-awaited release of Dying Light 2, the developer is going back to the start of the story and giving Kyle Crane's arc a much-needed revamp.

Back in Dying Light, you traversed a zombie-ravaged city known as Harran. Putting its own spin on the already rotting zombie shooter genre, Dying Light introduced parkour mechanics as Crane leapt from rooftops and downed the Infected. A clever day-night cycle also gave the terror title something different, but some six years after it was first released, Dying Light is looking a little tired.

What is the new-gen Dying Light upgrade?

Taking some time away from adding the final polish to Dying Light 2, Techland confirmed a new-gen patch will give the OG a fresh lick of paint. When one fan asked for a 60fps patch for the PlayStation 5, the official Techland account gave a surprising response that confirmed the existence of a new-gen upgrade. 

There are no further details, however, Techland promised more information soon. News of a new-gen Dying Light went down a storm among the game's loyal fanbase. One happy zombie slayer wrote, "Hell yes, I'll finally play the expansion now! Hopefully this is landing before dying light 2! :) Thank you!"

Considering this was in response to a tweet about the PS5, there are questions about whether this will be a fully-fledged new-gen upgrade for all systems. Remembering Dying Light originally launched on PS4 and Xbox One, we can't see Techland locking out either system - especially as the much bigger Dying Light 2 is coming to these consoles, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PC and Switch.

What else do we know about Dying Light?

Even six years after Dying Light was released, it's still getting plenty of love from Techland. Only recently, there was the release of the 1.39 patch (also known as Dying Light Enhanced Edition Update 1.30). As well as balancing and bug fixes, it added some serious quality of life features to the Hellraid DLC.

There's a lot of potential in a new-gen Dying Light. Alongside upgrading to 4K as what's becoming the industry norm, a lot of players on the tweet asked for haptic feedback to make the most of the PS5's DualSense capabilities.

Even if we don't know when the new-gen Dying Light will claw its way onto modern consoles, Techland needs to be careful. Release now, and you can cash in on the hype surrounding the sequel, but too close to its February 4 release and there's a danger the upgrade could be lost in the shuffle. Still, we're pumped to see what 4K Infected look like.


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