Dying Light 2 Rosario Dawson Trailer Shows Off Hardcore Parkour

Dying Light 2 Rosario Dawson Trailer Shows Off Hardcore Parkour

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Tarran Stockton


8th Dec 2021 14:04

A Dying Light 2 Rosario Dawson trailer has been released. Another episode of Dying 2 Know recently aired on the Dying Light YouTube channel, debuting a 15-minute gameplay trailer for Dying Light 2 Stay Human, that showed off the new parkour and combat systems, along with some more of Rosario Dawson's character

Dying Light 2 Rosario Dawson Trailer: What Gameplay Does The Trailer Show Off?

The trailer begins with main character Aiden and Lawan (played by Rosario Dawson) as they watch the power turn back on and light up the City (yes, that's literally what it's called). Before long, she gifts you a paraglider - a new traversal option in Dying Light 2 - and you both set off toward a building to turn on some power switches. 

Throughout the quest shown in the trailer, we see plenty of ways that the Dying Light 2 has been enhanced over the original. Firstly, there is the previously mentioned paraglider which you can use to quickly swoop across the city, and there are even vents that push you higher to keep your glide going.

They also showcased plenty of the new parkour, which looks smoother and more momentum-based than ever. In an interview toward the end of the Dying 2 Know episode, Senior Producer, Kornel Jaskula, states there are "twice as many [parkour moves] as in Dying Light 1." 

Jaskula also dove into some new combat mechanics, highlighting the ground pound, perfect dodges, and a tackle, before continuing "not to mention the grappling hook and other tools that have their own, special places inside the combat loop." This seems to indicate that tools that are used for traversal will also have functions in the combat portion of the game, blending the separate parkour and combat elements closer together. 

Dying Light 2 Rosario Dawson Trailer: What More Do We See of Rosario Dawson's Character?

Previously, the clips we have seen from Lawan showcase her more badass side, as a resourceful fighter who has been shaped by the cruel modern dark ages of the zombie apocalypse. However, the start of the newest trailer shows off a softer side, as she celebrates and hugs Aiden once the lights of the City successfully turn on. 

Through the quest that is highlighted, she is also present on the radio as Aiden traverses the city and fights off an enemy faction. The end once again gives us a glimpse of her combat prowess, as she solves a hostage situation by firing a crossbow bolt into the hostage takers face, killing him. 

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is set to release on February 4, 2022. It's coming to the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and select PC storefronts. 


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