Dying Light 2 Has A Secret Bike You Can Ride

Dying Light 2 Has A Secret Bike You Can Ride

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Joseph Kime


7th Feb 2022 16:03

Dying Light 2 hasn't been out very long, and already, fans are poking around under the surface looking for secrets. The game's open world is huge, and is stacked with things to do, explore and discover, and with the game's parkour mechanics, there's no better way to do it all than by hopping, skipping, and jumping from rooftop to rooftop on your adventure away from the growling of horde of zombies coming up behind you.

But someone has actually discovered a new mode of transport buried in the game, that may or may not still be in the finished product.

Redditor Discovers Rideable Bike In Dying Light

One Dying Light 2 player has discovered a bicycle in the game and has shared a video of how exactly other users can ride it - but they've been particularly coy about how exactly to get to it.

The video shows the player riding the bike across the map as Queen blasts in the background (no prizes for guessing which song they chose), as they hop off of ramps and dart around at huge speeds with a GoPro-style camera angle.

The bike looks like a lot of fun and adds an entirely new way to play the game and explore the undead-infested wasteland of post-apocalypse America - but there's still a lot of debate as to whether or not the bike is actually in the game.

Is The Bike Actually In Dying Light 2?

The original poster has been quiet as to where they found the biker - and a commenter has determined that it's because the bike has been pulled from the game's developer menu on Nexus Mods, and that the bike could be present somewhere on the game's map, and hasn't been discovered yet - but equally, it may not have made the cut in the final game either.

We simply won't know until it is found in the game if the bike is actually present in Dying Light 2, but judging by the gameplay we've seen in this video, we're hoping that it is. It's a whole new way to experience the game, and could make traversing the apocalypse a whole lot more quaint.


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