Dying Light 2 Easter Egg Murders Fan-Favourite Resident Evil Character

Dying Light 2 Easter Egg Murders Fan-Favourite Resident Evil Character
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Tom Chapman


10th Feb 2022 13:51

Although the worlds of Capcom's Resident Evil franchise and Techland's Dying Light 2 both occupy the popular genre of zombie games, there isn't too much that connects the pair. Or so we thought.

As the long-awaited sequel to 2015's first game, Techland is back with a bigger and bolder outing for Dying Light 2. Swapping the confines of Harran for the much bigger Villedor, there's also a new protagonist in the form of Aiden Caldwell replacing Kyle Crane. We've already had a DOOM and Star Wars crossover, so let's see what's next.

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The OG Dying Light has Easter eggs for everything from Plants vs. Zombies to Turtle Rock's Left 4 DeadThe Walking Dead to The Last of Us.

Now, the latest outing homages possibly the best-known zombie series ever made. Since when did we swap Villedor for Raccoon City? 

What Is The Dying Light 2 And Resident Evil Easter Crossover?

On Caldwell's quest to free the city from the corrupt factions that scrap over it, you might be able to spot some familiar faces from Resident Evil. Posting on Reddit, u/Octavio_XWho? shows off a meeting with Leon S. Kennedy. Don't worry, it looks like the loveable RCPD officer scraped through his ordeal. If only everyone was so lucky.

In the "Broadcast" mission, Aiden finds an injured Peacekeeper called Leon. As well as looking like the floppy-haired Resi favourite, Leon explains that his squad was ambushed and largely slaughtered. There's a chance that someone survived, which leads Aiden to cross paths with "Chris".  A zombified Chris tries to attack Aiden, and after dispatching him in brutal style, you pick up his dog tags. Here, the name reads Chris Redfield.


Did Dying Light 2 Just Kill Chris Redfield?

That's right, the macho hero of the OG Resident Evil has kicked the bucket. After being a staple of the early Resident Evil games, Chris made a triumphant return for last year's Resident Evil Village and looks to be a major part of the upcoming Resident Evil 9

We've previously seen Chris Redfield as a playable character in Marvel vs. Capcom, while he's also popped up as a spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Dead by Daylight skin.

Don't worry though, Dying Light 2 isn't in the same canon as Resident Evil, so it's not like Chris has actually bowed out in a separate franchise. We guess he'll be back and punching boulders in no time. 


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