Destiny 2 Glaive: How To Unlock

Destiny 2 Glaive: How To Unlock
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24th Feb 2022 00:39

If you are wondering how to unlock the Glaive in Destiny 2 The Witch Queen, you wouldn't be the only one.

Destiny 2 received its most substantial expansion since Beyond Light in 2020, and with it came a whole host of new content including dungeons, a brand spanking new campaign, and even a new difficulty mode. However, one of the most exciting additions is the new weapon type, the Glaive. But what is it? What makes it so good? And how the hell do you get it? Strap in folks, we're going to break down the why, the what and how to unlock the Glaive in Destiny 2 The Witch Queen. 

Destiny 2 The Glaive: What Is The Glaive? 

Destiny 2 The Glaive how to unlock
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The Destiny 2 Glaive is the brand new spear-like weapons type that has been introduced in The Witch Queen DLC.

Guardians have had experience with melee weapons before, with Swords being a long-featured weapons type in Destiny. However, the Glaive stands out from the crowd for a couple of reasons. For one, it is introduced through the brand new Destiny 2 weapon crafting system, which allows you to tweak how your weapons function and perform. Secondly, it is a first-person melee weapon, unlike Swords, and features three functionalities: powerful melee strikes, mid-range projectiles, and even a portable shield. 

This makes the Destiny 2 Glaive a must-use weapon, as it is extremely versatile out in the field. By holding the aim-down-sights button, you will create a temporary shield which is fantastic for pushing opponents away, even giving you enough time to revive fallen teammates. With the firing ability, you can soften an enemy up before moving in for an unlimited supply of melee damage - a major bonus when compared to the limited melee damage swords can dish out.

Destiny 2 The Glaive: How To Unlock The Glaive In The Witch Queen

The Destiny 2 Glaive is an easy item to unlock as it is a mandatory part of The Witch Queen campaign. When playing through the first mission, The Arrival, you will board Savathûn's ship, and find a large piece of an unknown weapon, believed to have derived from the Pyramids - Destiny's source of the ominous Darkness. After collecting this part, you are able to see out the rest of the mission, where you will visit The Throne World, and eventually be thrown back to you The Enclave, your Mars base.

You'll now want to head to the crafting centre which can be found down a set of stairs through the large black doorway. Approach the crafting station, known as the Relic, and you will be walked through the crafting system. If you are keen to know more about crafting, have a look at our Destiny 2 weapon crafting guide. 

Going through the crafting process, you will have now unlocked the Destiny 2 Glaive. You can make this weapon even better if you persist with it and continue to upgrade it at the Relic.

That's how to unlock the Glaive in Destiny 2 The Witch Queen, so you can get to shooting, stabbing, and blocking those pesky Hive Guardians. For more Witch Queen content, check out our guide on the Destiny 2 legendary difficulty, which is amping up the challenge faced by Guardians.  


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