Cyberpunk 2.0 delivers justice to its most hated character

Cyberpunk 2.0 delivers justice to its most hated character
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Joseph Kime


28th Sep 2023 15:00

Huge changes have come to Night City, not just with the recent Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 update, but ever since its release. CD Projekt Red's sci-fi shooter has been improving (à la No Man's Sky) and fans who were once boxed out by glitches and broken elements have a chance to explore the RPG that is now better than ever.

It's not just quality-of-life fixes and bug repairs that have made it into Cyberpunk 2077, as huge new story and gameplay elements have been added and improved as part of the overhaul and Phantom Liberty DLC. One of its big wins is an opportunity to deliver justice to the character you hate the most.

You can finally kill Fingers without consequences in Cyberpunk 2077

Fingers, sat in his room, in Cyberpunk 2077.
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There are many loathsome figures in Night City, but few hate characters quite like they hate Fingers, the Ripperdoc who had a hand in the fate of Evelyn Parker. He didn't do enough to help her out in the face of a collapse into abuse, selling her on, and it's no shock that fans didn't quite sympathise with that.

Players despise the slimy Fingers, but they've felt forced to leave him alive thanks to his massive cyberware stock. Now, the Cyberpunk 2.0 update has dispersed cyberware stock evenly across Ripperdocs and inadvertently sealed Fingers' fate forever. 

Not that we needed it, but there's now a good enough reason to see Fingers off. An unexpected perk of the update means players are loving the chance to take him out in increasingly creative ways.

Fans are loving the chance to kill Fingers

Fans are revelling in the chance to wipe Fingers off the map, with multiple posts languishing in seeing him off in increasingly dramatic fashion. Alongside posing atop his mutilated corpse, some are coming up with outlandish ways other than just putting a bullet in his brain.

One particularly violent player said, "I shot a cannon out of my hand directly into his c**k," while another cheered, "I beat him to death with a dildo. Standard procedure." A third concluded, "I poisoned him with my mantis blades and put him on the toilet. So the toxic shit can take his last toxic sh*t."

It's pretty hilarious to see players take up a fun new hobby of killing the same man over and over. It's Nazeem from Skyrim all over again - albeit with a futuristic twist. 

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