Apex Legends map glitch gets you free Ranked wins

Apex Legends map glitch gets you free Ranked wins
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Alex Garton


14th Sep 2023 16:30

While the game's anti-cheat can detect third-party software in Apex Legends in most cases, your standard exploits are a lot harder to police.

They can also be a lot more serious in certain cases, as they risk becoming common knowledge and used on a wider scale within the community.

This was seen last season with a Trident glitch that made players invulnerable to gunfire for the entire match, as long as they didn't leave the vehicle.

Now, there's a new exploit that's being used in the Outlands, and it involves glitching under the map to secure a guaranteed win.

New Apex Legends exploit is ruining Ranked

Taking to the Apex Legends subreddit, user TheLostWarrior27 showcased an Apex Legends map exploit being used to steal free wins from opponents in Ranked.

After reaching the final circle, TheLostWarrior27 and their squad noticed the enemies were completely out of sight. With the ring dealing so much damage, it should have been impossible for anyone to survive outside it.

Despite using countless meds, they eventually succumbed to the ring damage and settled with second place. However, the spectator screen for the enemy revealed that they'd managed to glitch under the map and had become immune to damage.

According to players in the thread, "There’s a new glitch where people can get under the map with a Trident," effectively granting them infinite free wins if they can consistently pull it off.

Apex Legends players call for Tridents to be disabled until fix

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With the rotational vehicles causing yet more problems in Season 18, the community has called on Respawn to disable them until a fix for this exploit is rolled out.

"Literally just disable Tridents I don’t understand why Respawn lacks the brain power to do this, same s**t as storm point last season."

Although this seems like a simple solution, the devs are very unlikely to disable or lock off features from players in Apex. Let's hope a fix is rolled out very soon, as this exploit has the potential to completely ruin the competitive integrity of Ranked.

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