The three-time world champion has spoken out about the state of hackers in amateur Call of Duty competitions.

13:22, 11 Jan 2021

If any opinions should be held in the highest regards, it should be those of Ian "Crimsix" Porter.  The undisputed greatest Call of Duty player of all time is not one to hide from discussing the controversy within the community, but when he does, it is often with a lot of sense - despite a colourful vocabulary. 

As the reigning world champion has his eyes on a fourth title to become the first player in history with as many accolades, Crimsix has recently looked into the roots of the competitive scene, and the fundamental issues that aspiring players are facing. The overwhelming problem: hackers. The rod in the back of any competitive game. 

With closer inspection, Crim took to Twitter to blast the developers and send a stern warning to the future of the scene. He stated: "Anything Competitive COD under the Pro League level will be dead upon release of the new game." after multiple clips surfaced of players blatantly using wallhacks, JTags, and aimbot in amateur cash cups, with a serious lack of Anti-Cheat software available.

The problem has resurfaced after the Call of Duty League expanded to PC despite Activision investing an ounce into protection against cheaters. Crim added that the reason the switch was made was financial, saying: "They did it to get around the percentage cut that MS/Sony takes from microtransactions/DLC/etc. Activision also then doesn’t have to pay MS/Sony for hosting rights for CDL on a platform. Financially, it is an incredible move for them. Rumours are that the platform cut was 33-50%".

With such money saved, it has left a huge financial scope to create a proper anti-cheat software, although nothing has yet surfaced. 

Crimsix has since begun to take things into his own hands, calling out clear cheaters and sending footage straight to the developers on social media. 

The evidence is damning, and many have backed Crim's stance in saying that anything below the CDL is in dire straights should Activision not act.




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