Oh, poor Rapidash!

16:07, 31 Mar 2021

When it comes to Pokemon, Darwin's theory of evolution is picked up and torched by the fiery breath of Charizard. 

Throughout the many generations of Pokemon's 25-year history, many of the species have evolved in ways that make them unique to the era and surroundings or simply by wanting to become the most formidable opponent in the district.

Pokemon Sword and Shield's expansion pack Crown Tundra saw new species in the form of Glastrier and Spectrier, who came as brand-new ice-type and ghost-type Pokemon respectively.

Having both become compatible with Calyrex, being able to be ridden, one fan has noticed some remarkable similarities between the two, and another more household name. With their imagination running wild, Reddit user Gamingwithbrendan has theorised that Calyrex's loyal steed was, in fact, a Galarian Rapidash that was frozen to death.

Theory from r/PokemonSwordAndShield

The creepy and horrifying theory claims that the Galarian Rapidsh was frozen to death, creating both the ice-type Glastrier and the ghost-type Spectrier.


Upon first sight, all the Pokemon appear quite similar, with the horse-like body and tail. However, upon further inspection, the resemblance becomes rather uncanny. Glastrier's horn which is covered in Ice is identical to that of the Galarian Rapidash, and even the ears are astoundingly accurate.

Spectrier's long mystique hair is also replicable of Galarian Rapidash, alongside the waves of fur coming from the hooves. Combined, Glastrier and Spectrier make a rather convincing Galarian Rapidash, whose colour palette is also quite similar.

This would also round off the Rapidash family, with the original flame-kissed filly being an original fan favourite.


Although the theory is just an idea, it does appear that the Reddit user is on the right tracks. 



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Image via Nintendo

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