Concord price tag has critics claiming PlayStation Shooter is ‘dead on arrival’

Concord price tag has critics claiming PlayStation Shooter is ‘dead on arrival’
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Tom Chapman


6th Jun 2024 10:08

Team-based shooters have had a big resurgence in recent times, and as Overwatch 2 battles its own demons, it seems this gap in the market has allowed a new generation to rise from beneath. While Helldivers 2 gives Call of Duty a run for its money, the hero shooter market is more saturated than ever.

Overwatch-esque games are all the rage, with Star Wars: Hunters, Marvel Rivals, and Concord coming for the crown. Concord has already been slammed as an Overwatch clone, but considering Blizzard's hero shooter is free-to-play, the fact you have to pay for Concord already has some abandoning ship before it's even released. 

Concord's price tag is already putting you off

As Firewalk Studios gears up for Concord's August 23 release, the PS5 and PC exclusive is splitting fandom in two. When Zuby_Tech shared the leaked price tag on X (Twitter), gamers were quick to anger. While Concord undoubtedly looks glossy, the fact we'll be paying around $40/£40 for it has left a bad taste in many mouths.

The price has now been locked in, with the PlayStation Store confirming the Standard Edition will cost $39.99/£34.99 and the Digital Deluxe Edition is coming in at $59.99/£49.99. With this being the same as Helldivers 2's two editions, there shouldn't be much to complain about. Still, you love a moan.

Over on X, players made their feelings clear, deeming the FPS game "dead on arrival." Someone else wrote, "Good luck with that. Both Overwatch and Marvel are free to play." A third said, "Ain't no way someone is gonna pay this 5v5 hero shooter sh*t $40 bruh. When you have f2p 5v5 hero shooter why would you bother to buy this sh*t. Peoples are weird asf."

Even as someone said "I wouldn't even play it for free," there were still some rumblings of support. One fan concluded, "$40 is The Sweet Spot. Lol at trying to say this game will fail. They said the same thing about Helldivers 2 how did that work out for them?

Concord caught in a Helldivers conundrum

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Aside from the gripes about the price, Concord is also embroiled in the same PlayStation Network drama as Helldivers 2 was. Trusted leaker billbil-kun says Concord will require a PSN account to play on PS5 and PC, which will effectively lock it out of being played in 177 territories where PSN is unavailable.

We saw Sony quickly pull a U-turn on this to bring Helldivers 2 back into the fold, but with Until Dawn and the upcoming God of War Ragnarok PC port being locked behind the same mandate, the gaming giant is still restricting its player base. 

With the jury still out on Concord, and a myriad of free-to-play hero shooters on the market, we'll have to wait and see whether this one can be the next Helldivers 2 or whether it really is D.O.A.

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